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Uncle Kenny
It's become standard for me to ask this every ATA I catch--Next plot update?

Are we going to have to wait until Easter for the next chapter?

I would expect there to be an update before Easter. But then, I don't draw the manga so I can't be held to it!

Auuugghhh... You got my hopes up for a second there.

Just seems like it's starting to drag at this point.

Nick and Cre probably aren't too comfortable in their position right now.
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Alright so a solution was posted on my ticket for my banned account and I replied with a comment on it stating something I didn't post in the report that I just found out about a month ago (the report was made sometime early in october last year). Will the mod who's dealing with the report be notified about that comment or do I have to message them directly? How do I go about this procedure?
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#1 Would you ever consider making the Gaia App for the amazon app store?
For us kindle fire and kindle fire HD users?

#2 Will we ever get transdermals for avatars like the ones Devin has from Skin Tyte?
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Is it just me, or is there a higher ratio of female to male appropriate items in recent CI's?
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Mississippi Black Velvet
Good evening everyone!
Hope everyone is having a good night. I'm just sitting around taking it easy myself seeing if I end up going into labor tonight or not. (Had my cerclage removed today after having had it in for 4 months.)

Have to thank the artist who came out with the SDPlus Joey Fuschia doll! I love Prince and the reference is outstanding so again thank you so much. :3

Now could I perhaps get my knock off John Lennon Doll?

I don't know about the John Lennon doll, but I can pass the request along! As for you, congrats on the baby! You must be super excited! How wonderful biggrin
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As usual! It's me. Who'd have guessed, right? Two questions!

1 - Any more animated items on the way? (You knew that was coming though, right?)

2 - Would there be any chance at getting the two forums post styles that were used over the holiday season as permanent additions? I absolutely fell in love with the Stars one and it's a little disappointing to see it gone.

Thanks for your time guys!

Best wishes as ever!

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Awwwwww Waffles! 4laugh
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heart heart heart heart
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As always: Please let there be mismatched shoes. sweatdrop
...And: Will there be a fix on the Herald of Chaos deteriorating moving-jigsaw puzzles? It seems like the overlapping business is too complicated to handle at times. Other problems like the disappearing victory portals may also be part of this as well...
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Waffles companion!

Couple ideas brewing around:

1. Separate Gaia Exchange forums. I've noticed an air of "if you aren't selling cheap to resellers, you don't belong here. Go to the Marketplace" around the Gaia Exchange. It would be nice if there was a "Sell fast and cheap" forum and a "sell without tax for decent prices" forum.

2. What do you think of having a soul bound gold shop, where you can buy expensive rare things for quite a bit of gold, still, but they cannot be traded to other accounts, ever? Things that are so rare you can never hope to get them would be attainable through this, and it would be a gold sink because the items are not tradable.
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King Awesomolocity
Mashed Potato Jones

I'm here to lurk...and lurk I shall! I might have a question in a bit...depends on how I feel about asking it.

Maybe you could ask a question about lurking! ninja

Are lurkers really lurking when they say that they are lurking?
~King Awesome

Of course...I lurk hard....but I do pounce occasionally.
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Hello Gaia Staff! biggrin
How've you all been? 4laugh

Super anxious/curious, but....
How are the Alchemy Updates looking?
Are they even started? If not, when??
Are there any say about it? sweatdrop
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Scurvy Pirate

Can we get more achievements? Besides event based ones.

Yep, we've got a list of new achievements that we'll be adding in this year.
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Regarding Mecha-neko, I mentioned this last week I believe but I caught only that last few pages and missed my chance. I know you guys cant make any promises but I really love Mecha-Neko and was hoping you could do a Studio Ghibli Bundle in Mecha-Neko with items from every movie. Please, please please!!! Everyone loves Ghibli and I think even rare cash shop frequenters would have to look twice! whee

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