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    This is the mule account for Catalytic Productions.
    If you want to apply, please use the following form and PM me with it as soon as it is filled out:
    [Make note to delete everything within the brackets after reading and before submitting.]

    Name: (Real name, username, nickname, we are not fussy. Whatever you want to be called. Though nothing along the lines of Lord and Master or anything x3 because no matter how good you are, we still pwn you.)

    Position you would like to request: (Positions are listed on the front page. Make sure you read the whole of the front page of the thread to find out what positions are open before you fill this in. Otherwise you may just get ignored ^^)

    About: (Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been writing/drawing/making websites? What kinds of comics, if any, do you like to read? What makes you want to apply here? Stuff like that.)

    Gallery or Example: (Whatever you need to show us to show that you can do your requested position well. For example, a DA account, a fanfiction.net account, a website you designed. If we like what we see, we will ask you to produce a more specific example e.i: A comic script, for example, or some character art using a description we give you.)

    Contact info: (Basically, how you prefer to be contacted. Email, Gaia PM, comments on your LiveJournal account, whatever. Just give us your username/address/journal link.)

    Other: (Whatever other random stuff you feel like adding ^^)

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    If you are already a member, or are awaiting approval, please visit one of the following forums:

    Old Thread
    New Thread

    Please remember that the following users have access to this account:



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