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  • Artist Info: My name is Pokemon Poffin
    I was born on the magical day called April Fools day on 1997
    Leaving me to be 17 years old (atm)
    How I look irl = [x]

    I live in California where I was born and raised
    I have absolutely no idea how to make friends BUT I try to.
    Really I kinda give hard truth usually if I don't like something
    I will say it. I kinda hate everything tbh
    I'm always nervous of what people think of me
    So I kind of change my personality of who I hang with
    Basically I'm a sponge.
    My favorite colors are Orange, Blue, Teal, and Pink
    And I am known to be really random huge change if we ever talk
    I will mention something random. :"D

    OH also I don't accept random request.


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