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    My name is Alyssa ・・・
    ((pronounced uh-lee-suh x3))

    »»About Me««

    ☼ I am now -fifteen- years old~! :'D
    ☼ I play the piano and ukulele.
    ☼ Hablo English and Español.
    ☼ I love drawing and other sorts of art.
    ☼ I’m Catholic. †
    ☼ I am 100% Filipino.
    ☼ My birthday is April 17.
    ☼ My favorite color is red.
    ☼ My favorite animals are dogs. (Siberian Huskies♥)
    ☼ For some reason, I hate stickers.

    I don't add random friend requests;
    at least talk to me before you add me. C;

    Ask me anything~!
    Watch me on Deviant Art & Follow me on Twitter!
    Please and thank you. :')

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