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    While I say this with regret, as many have said recently, I will continue to stand by my belief that this site is no longer Gaia. Gaia is the place I grew up. Gaia is my entertainment. Gaia is where I have created several unique and wonderful friendships. This place is not Gaia. This place is full of greed and disgusted patrons and broken hearts. This is not Gaia. This, my friends, is Hell.

    So I say with sadness behind my eyes and unadulterated anger in my chest that I too am leaving this site. I am no longer a part of this poisoned place. This is not my home any more. I did not foster my childhood on the dependence of money.

    I have left my items and gold to a few of my friends to do with what they will. I am left as I will stand for the rest of this site's dying lifespan. Despite my removal from participating, I begrudgingly announce that I feel it is my duty to watch her choke on her last venom-filled breath. Had I not seven years of good memories behind these last few months, I would not feel so strongly about standing vigil beside her grave.

    Until she proves me wrong, I am a wayward ghost on this site, lurking and spiting each and every ill that He disposes upon us. My friends, I will leave you with a place to join me.

    She is a young and quiet site, with presently at the time of writing this, a handful over eight thousand members. For three years I have watched her grow and struggle and grow and struggle. The years have not been kind to sweet Chloria, but the users are sevenfold. Every single person is an angel of their own regards. I know it will not suit all of you, and I foresee that many of you will be uninterested to stay once arriving, but please give it a chance. Our patrons are of more genuine quality than a large portion of our own.

    Join me at Chloria.com

    My pen name is Muerte

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