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    about me:
    ~Hi everyone~
    i'm guessing you wanna read about
    me and so ill tell you a little about me

    I'm really kind until you get me mad
    and i will always . . .well ill be on occasionally.
    Uh im bi if you didn't know so yeah. . .
    Me and my friends up in vegas love to crank up
    our music and run around like idiots. we dont have
    much in common except we all love the strokes
    and love to play xbox live and pwn people on MW2
    its just our thing. ;3
    well if you haven't noticed yet i love
    julian and such but ugh its not a oh he is cute thing. . .
    its a oh he makes good music. love them i mean he
    had a hard life and if you wanna hear about it write me.
    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dream about people
    before i meet them i think its more of a gift i guess.
    but i dont like it because it ruins the surprise of having a
    new student in our class. haha well ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    hhhhhhhhhhhhh cant think head about to explode. . . .
    wait i know . . . no i dont but i love the fact your still reading
    this because its pretty boring. I like the gorillaz they have
    a interesting story and such i mean come on 2D is awesome.
    i got a boy friend?

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