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  • Artist Info: Well here we are again, It's always such a pleasure.
    Remember when you tried to kill me twice?
    Oh how we laughed and laughed..... Except I wasn't laughing.

    Personal Info:

    IRL Nicknames: Dean (called that by my Casssssss), Lulu (pet name from my father and step-mother), and "hey, you"(by pretty much everyone else)

    Age: 18-years-old (born May 12th 1996 on a Mother's Day)

    Gender: Believe it or not, I am actually female

    Siblings: I have one brother who was born June 19th 1994 (on a Father's Day)

    Interests: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Cosplaying, Anime, Sherlock, Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, and Traveling

    My favorite ships: Barduil, Bagginshield, Gigolas, Johnlock, Nine/Rose, Thorinduil, and Boragon

    Fears: Elevators, Sharks, and Spiders

    Pets: A black lab/boarder collie mix named Cooper, beagle/cattle dog mix named Nina, a short haired Torti=cat named Ripley, a medium haired tuxedo cat named Kittletin, and a thoroughbred gelding named AJ (Aj died in January 2015)

    Tattoos: Yes, I have the White Tree of Gondor on my back, between my shoulder blades and I have a mixture of a simplified Even Star pendent mixed with the Elf Stone above my right ankle

    Instagram: Driftwoodpacific (pictures of both tattoos are on here)

    Tumblr: Swag--Hudson

    If you have any questions or want details for an RP, please PM me.
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