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  • Artist Info: Okay, so I've finally gotten around to updating this thing. Took me a while; sorry.

    I'm Kittylikesthecookies KLTC. (I changed a few months ago; Kittylikesthecookies is just too long to type in every time I want to log on. xD)

    I am currently a student, but I love to create art, read, and write in my spare time. My main style of art is, like almost every one on this site, anime-ish, but I also love to paint with acrylics to create landscapes and still lifes. As for reading, I'll read practically anything well-written. Writing-wise, I've got a while to go, but putting pen to paper is fun, and I plan to continues doing so. ^^

    That's about all for me. If you need to know anything else (as long as it's not a stalker question), go ahead and comment.

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