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    Hey everyone. I'm Neko-chan. My real name isn't Neko-chan but I'm not willing to say it. I’m a female. I'm anime obsessed as well as games. I'm a huge fan of Silent Hill both game and movie. I played only origin, 3, 4, 5, and shattered memories. I can't seem to find the older games. Well that's really sad isn't it? The reason I have a couple of songs from the game on my page is because it sounds so amazing. It's like you're in the game itself!

    Some other stuff about myself is I'm in just got out of college. I'm 20 now. Yes 20. If you want to see what I look like send me a message because I'm not going to post it. (Funny ain't it?) I'm also a pervert, not afraid to admit it I am a proud perv!

    Things I like are:
    *Games (Silent Hill, TF2, L4F2 -The first and second- , ect.)
    *Accents (Yes I do, I just love them...)
    *Listening to strange music (Weird habit... XD)
    *Sometimes just peace and quiet
    *My friends
    *My pups

    Thing I don't like are:
    *People who lie to get into other people's pants
    *Being scared too much (Maybe I should stop playing Silent Hill then? ^^; )
    *Nightmares of being alone (T^T)
    *The fact of when I start writing a story I never finish it.

    I do avi. Art for people. Strangers or not I do like to draw. I won't charge as well. It keeps my occupied so that's why.

    These are my babies~
    (Notice: These picture are from a while ago there much bigger now.)

    Gingersnap and Portal smilies/icon_heart.gif

    Halloween and Christmas smilies/icon_heart.gif

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