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    Ember Sky

    What am I?
    Vampire and deadly weapon.

    You think I'm lying about who or what I am?
    You're way more then wrong.

    What do I do?
    Fight and protect the ones I love.

    Who owns me?
    No one right now.

    You still think I'm lying?
    You're still way more then wrong.

    Why am I here?
    Because nobody has the guts to kill me.

    Where am I from?
    The 21st layer of Hell.

    You think I'm evil?
    You're only half right.

    Where do I belong?
    I don't know.

    Why am I writing this?
    Because I thought it would be nice to inform you of my ways.

    You understand me now?
    You're wrong.

    No one will every understand me unless they really try and want to.

    ~Ember Sky~
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