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  • Artist Info: Helllllllooooo, my lovable fans! Are you digging this sick pomp on my head?! The name's Groose, Hero of Skyloft and Ruler of Grooseland (No, that's not the name of a Theme Park. Good idea, though)! I'm probably the most heroic fellow you'll meet. I kiss babies, write autographs, shake hands, y'know. Awesome Groosey stuff. I saved Grooseland from this creep named Demise and his gay sword (with a little help from Link), so I'm treated like a king here in Skyloft! You've probably heard of the book and movie they're making about me. It's called The Legend of Groose: Grooseward Sword. You better buy a copy when it comes out, or you'll be groosin' for a bruisin'! I'm also the inventor of the mighty Groosenator and soon-to-be lover of Zelda. That daydreamer Link? He's with her? Ha! That's a laugh. Zelda's heart was won by me eons ago! Ha! Hahahaha!...Duhuhuhuh...Ah.

    S-so, hit me up! I always love my fans!
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