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Occupation: full time caregiver

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Number of times I've tried to quit: 5
Last attempt: May 4th, 2020 (gone 10 days...a new record xp )
Sold/donated/anon'd everything away. About 10 million Plat worth, give or take.
Currently rebuilding. Not in any hurry. β™₯
Status items previously owned: ~25-30?
Items reclaimed: 10


Hello, I'm Jennifer.

I live with my disabled mother and help her around the house.

I've been doing this since Sep 2015, when she had her first heart attack.

In late 2016, my dad was diagnosed with a glioblastoma. He passed away July 2017.

Mom is in heart failure now, and I do what I can to help her out and keep her happy.

I'm unfortunately unemployed, but hopefully one day I can get that job.

I'm an ambivert, which means I can either be chatty or shy depending on what's happening around me.

I also have ADD, which means my attention sometimes wanders away to la-la land. I'm sorry if that happens in the middle of our conversation.

I'm extremely conservative in my beliefs, however I know when to be courteous to others.

I really like cats, coffee and computers.
I would say all at the same time, but I currently lack a cat.

I have few friends here anymore. Many have left and I've lost contact with them, or there was a loss of common interests.

I mostly post spam/talk in Chatterbox, but there's times where I go around the GCD and Charity/Quests.

You can befriend me or send private messages. I don't mind.

There are times where I will only come on for dailies.

Common themes with me:
I will always use the color #624E70 in my profiles and post styles. It's the color used on my old OC's (that don't exist anymore).

The text I use in my name and button graphics is called Tangerine.

My profiles are always space or calm themed. I actually tend to hover on my own profile a lot to calm down, especially if I'm anxious.

My avatars almost always smile or look happy, even if I am not having a good day. It's a reminder to be happy and positive.

I disappear offline quickly if something's happening IRL, so keep that in mind when interacting with me.

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Thank you for your gifts! heart You're so sweet gaia_sakura
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Greed Over Need
hi hi
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Sweet Succubi Soup
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart Thank You for your purchase heart heart heart
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Sin comentario
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Claire Lionair Report | 01/06/2020 3:20 pm
Claire Lionair
Your avatar is way too cuteee! heart
Purrsuasive Report | 01/01/2020 7:40 pm
Omg, your profile is so relaxing. * - *
Munecabonita Report | 11/19/2019 8:25 pm
I like your whole aesthetic
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No prob.
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vana be
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