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Gender: Female

Location: Newcastle, OK

Birthday: 06/07/1988

Occupation: unemployed atm, possibly disabled

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Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I was born and raised in Oklahoma until 2007.
Lived in Texas for 15 1/2 years.
Now back in Oklahoma.
Home sweet home!


Why am I back on Gaia?

To open RIG's/CI's and make avatars, apparently. xd

I don't hardcore quest or beg.
I donate at my discretion.

Longest hiatus - 206 days (unintentional, this was when Mom passed away and I had to move)
Second longest - 190 days
Third longest - 160 days
Number of times I've tried to quit - Seven, I think? I've given up. xD


Please excuse me if I:
gaia_right Wander away or lose my spot in our conversation. I have inattentive ADHD and inherited recall & memory problems. emotion_facepalm
gaia_right Make a wonky typo or my wording is odd. I have dysgraphia and while I usually catch my spelling errors, sometimes I just don't see it until later. sweatdrop


Please no creepy RP stuff. I've dealt with that enough over the years. You will be auto-blocked.



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RIP Momma: 1948 - 2022
RIP Dad: 1950 - 2017


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