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I joined on Sunday January 13, 2008.

I have been on Hiatus since Sunday March 20, 2016.
Now on Sunday January 15, 2017 I wish to leave for good.

came back...19/05/2017...for the art and
to give back to gaia what it has given me,
thought there's no point in me leaving random
items and gold in my account if others can have it,

09/06/2017 I think i got sucked back into gaia...

10/07/2017 ^ nope, no gold, majority of friends are gone and i'm not socially connected to this site anymore so bye bye Gaia,
i will miss you and all the fun times i have had but it is time to say goodbye & wish you well.
if anyone would like to keep contact, which i'd very much appreciate because i'll miss you all! then I'm most active on my Insta


10/09/2017 ^ nope? well while i'm still on hiatus, I am back and forth on this site mostly because new items are gorgeous and because i love avatar customization, that and it takes away the boredom when i have absolutely nothing else to do, so yes i'm here but also not here, am i a ghost?

07/10/2018 - hello again guys, just checking in and ghosting about, I bought some art and its hella cute.
but besides that I just wanted to plug my blog on here, which i'm seriously happy about, if you could have a read and leave a comment I'd be so super grateful, also if you have a blog of your own or know someone who has a rad blog then please link me to it because I need more blogs to follow and love.

*plug* *plug *plug*


07/04/2019 - Just thought I'd point out, as I'm English we write dates a little differently, so to put it in plain terms, it's the 7th of April 2019, I know you guys aren't stupid but I know people write it differently.


Yeah I'm BACK! ...Again.

...what is up with these flairs?! I love them! of course gaia would find another way of getting me to spend my hard earned cash on them.

Carrying on from flairs, I found these cute new item colours - Kashmiri and Blooming and oh my word they are gorgeous!
Funny I'm not a huge fan of green or pink separately but together they are my Favourite thing in the world.

I've started to be a lot more active in CB again and I'm loosely in the Art and Charity forums...
but other than that I sit in my "Questing for Junk" Thread,
which is a 'questing but not really thread' where I give away more gold than I get but I enjoy it.

That's all for now, speak soon, unless I disappear again c:

I'm boorrrreeeeeeedddddddddd ...

not the greatest start to the new year is it? *sigh*

btw ignore the long asf 'wishlist' its more for personal tracking than anything else, besides I like showcasing cute items on my profile ^^;

06 June 2020:
got hacked *sigh*

16 february 2021:
Finally got my account back!

wow been a while since I've updated this lil profile journal huh...
so looking at my profile and that 'wishlist' looks humongous, I'm going to have to seriously downsize because s**t is wayy too expensive to actually try and get all of this... emotion_facepalm

also this site is just getting more and more out of hand as time goes on... like the minimum you can buy an item (not a sh|tty rig or something) is like 600gc, which is like a minimum spend of 10$ or something, WHAT!, why gaia why!? I bet before long the little flairs that are normally 2.50$ will be like 5$ or 10$ cry I'm all up for 'helping' gaia out with its obvious money problems but for real, i just want to enjoy this site like i used to... gaia is dying and so even 'making friends' is non exisitent ; w ;

Hiya, again..
I have started a quest for a ticket, need collabs on it but oml,
I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time redface
if anyone was wondering what the ticket is for it's to
recolor the cubhai jacket and i know it's going to look so adorbs!
so wish me luck i guess!
...I'm finally in the place where the big top notch gaians hang

managed to downsize my wishlist too, it looks so neat, it took me a hot minute to organise and look cute, (not that anyone cares but me) but i like it, i most probs won't buy anything from my wishlist anymore because of the ticket but who knows maybe one day it will dwindle down //shrugs


I cry wayy too much...
just call me sailor moon.

...btw i'm so close to subbing my very first ticket!! how cool is that?! so excited! emotion_bigheart

heyyy back again its later ^ THAT day, I SUBBED MY FIRST TICKET!!!
I should have a cubhai recolored coat at some point in the future!! so excited!! <3

soo exhausted lately, running out of things to do on here again and i'm struggling for time in my day-to-day life. life sucks sometimes. I was late for picking my daughter up from school and I had a complete mental breakdown, thankfully my hubby came back and spoilt me so I felt a little better. I need more happy things in my life, more things to look forward to. 3nodding

- just came back to gaia after another lil hiatus,i feel like the only thing keeping me here is waiting for that recolour and occasionally talking to friends.

new news: been playing destiny2 again, it's the 30th anniversary and gjallarhorn is back so i'm thrilled to be playing with d1 weapons again. for anyone wondering what destiny is, it's a first person shooter, set in space with aliens running around trying to kill you... basically. I enjoy it.

New years resolutions:
Be more original be more me.
finish whats started.
accept myself for who I am.
be kinder to myself.
allow my personal growth to grow.
be happy with the little things

"practice is improvement, not perfection"I heard this just the other day, I can't remember who said but it's stuck by me. You can't be perfect, no-one can be PERFECT, perfection is an illusion the media creates, but what IS possible is to improve and learn along the way.
Every fail is just like roller skating, you fall, you get back up, you try again and you get better.
Everything in life is a learning curve, nothing is straight forward and easy to achieve. No matter what, you can do this! WE can do this! <33

18:17 - Happy New years btw!!

oh is this the first post back in 2022.. wow. been doing this lil 'journal' type thing on my profile for a long while now.. i think since 2017.. didn't think it was going for that long o 3o

^ later that day.. 12:36pm
i didn't post here when it happened but my item released!!
it's called 'umm cuddles?' and its the cutest lil item with the cutest colour schemes! i'm obsessed! i hope people love it as much as i do.
User Image
it came out on 03/03/2022, and it just so happened to be a day i wasn't online but nevertheless i'm so super thrilled with the item.. it might be 'common' and it might not 'sell well' but i love it and i hope others love it too.

i'm hoping to bring out a whole scheme in the future called meadow magic with all my favourite sof colours, it'll be so cute but maybe thats an idea for next year?
I also want to bring out the cubhai legs and the bullet hell bangs, and of course another jacket but that one'll have to wait <33~

its been a few months since i was last here, i've decided to take a little break from gaia, just life getting a little to overwhelming. i will be back, i assure you, i'm never gone for too long <3

friday 15th July 2022:
back for a little while, decided to just clean things up a bit like my invo and wishlist.. although with this wish list glitching i can't really remove or move anything in there which is a bit annoying but i'm sure it'll be fixed soon.

User Image

also managing to stay somewhat active between my quest thread and keeping that updated and this here thread in the quest/charity forum called 'cat street', its the cutest lil thread it truly is, you basically get your own house on cat street and theres events that take place kinda like those mmporg games and you get to clean and do gardening and basically just live out your life in this imaginary beautiful place. honestly juri did a great job at making it come to life and creating this dream place and sugoi squirrel recently decorated some houses including mine! (^shown at the top of my profile) and its just so aesthetic and cute! honestly if i could move in irl, i would! <3

anyways i think thats enough of an update for now. ttyl all c:

Mon 14 Nov 2022:
it's been another long while since I was here, not a lot of things have happened since i've been gone but to name a few, my daughter started back to school, my car broke down, my computer died, i've been doing a lot of reorganising and decorating around the home, its been hectic but not a whole lot is going on, i came back today out of boredom, but it doesn't look like a whole lot has changed, anyone want to tell me what user items have been released this past month? unfortunately i cannot buy anything as i only have 20kp ; w ; but i can pine for it and window shop all i like sweatdrop
I NEED to make the legs to the coat I made too but i don't know if i can be bothered to do it redface

anyway off i go and i guess i'll update this later? <3

Wednesday 1st Feb 2023:
I can't believe its 2023... FEBRUARY ALREADY?!
I don't know if i've much love for being here anymore I have to be honest, i used to love talking in the threads and staying active and 'questing' or dressing up my avi but i just don't know if I want to come here anymore, not just that but i don't get the time to be here, since becoming a mum and trying to figure out my own life and ways of things everything online has just slowly gone down hill.
there'll probably be a time where instead of every couple of months it'll be every couple of years *eek*

-things which have happened in the last month-
my bunny died, which i know to some might not seem like much but she was home bunny that i loved and adored and really bonded with for 6 years (ever since my daughter was small) and so she really became a part of the family, i thought of her as just another daughter to be honest. she was my little fluffy rock and used to ground me after a super bad day/week. I still have her husbun and i feel we're keeping each other company but i am worried for his wellbeing on his own.
christmas was a bit of a s**t show i feel. i didn't spend any time with my sister which is normally the best bit and i kinda missed her (she was with her partners family over christmas) but also it just didn't feel festive, financially it was spread thin but also we weren't really surrounded by family, we did what we could but it just hasn't seemed magical these last few years...
other than that, its all just very stressful being alive and being present. financially with the obvious strain on living and mentally with the way the world is and the way my personal life is. and physically as i feel like the older im getting the more my body is stopping... I've been trying for a second baby for about 4 years now and its just seemingly impossible, no doctor wants to see me, everyone tells me i should be grateful for having 1 child and my body is slowly slipping, before i know it, i'll be in menopause and there'll be no biological way of me having a child.... *sigh*
rant over but i'll be taking a long break and i don't know if i'll check in and i don't know for how long. ; w ;
(watch i'll probs be back next week with a new post sweatdrop )

12/03/23: 13:59
funilly enough this ^ lasted about a month...
in fact i seem to be more present here because of me not wanting to be in my personal life..., doesn't that apply to most people who are still on this site though? redface

I'm doing better now though, doesn't feel like the WHOLE world is caving in, just a bit of it. hopefully adulthood gets easier at some point ^-^"

Friday 19th May 2023 @ 11:48am

I don't know what its like for everyone else at the moment but the cost of living in the uk is bad... and wage rises aren't even happening at the moment.. with the cost of living going up and the gas prices and electricity etc etc etc going up its causing us and others like us to struggle exponentially, to the point where food banks are the only option, there is no option of going to a supermarket where a weekly shop costs at LEAST £150 for a family of 3.
we don't come from a home with money, I personally didn't have the opportunities to mould myself or become anything, i'm just a twenty something mum struggling with being a person in a world that doesn't seem to advocate help and getting people on their feet, i've been trying to settle down for 8 years now, i don't feel like my house is a home, our home is basically a cardboard box that we can't afford to make nice i don't have any external family. its just me, my hubby and my daughter, there are so many other families in similar or even the same situation as us and it sucks.. I want to do and be so much more, but EVERYTHING costs money and we have nothing extra, nothing. I want to go to uni, i want to own my own business, i want to get out of this turmoil I constantly find myself in but it just seems impossible...a human sized trap is what we're in at the moment and i'm not even going to mention mental health because that at the moment is being run into the ground...

life just sucks, p.s don't come to the uk/europe its trash, kthnksbye.

anyway goodnight, goodbye, aurevoir and hwyl fawr.. see you again, when i see you c:

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Paige | 29 | Mummy of 1|
Been on gaia officially since ‘08
However I did have an account before this one in '06.
I’ve been off and on since 2014,
and occasionally I hang out in the cb/art forums.

if you like

✿ travelling,
✿ yungblud,
✿ lotr,
✿ snails,
✿ plants,
✿ thrifting,
✿ gaming,

chat with me but
don’t expect quick responses
orz i'm slow sorry.

: : :

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Keira Lorelei Report | 05/14/2023 5:27 am
Just wanted to say that the tiny house in your signature are so damn CUTE! Have you pixelated it? o.o
Tigerolf Report | 05/07/2023 9:04 pm
Thanks for buying from me again~! heart
Botensori Report | 04/22/2023 3:28 am
You popped up randomly on the daily bonus thing, and I gotta say- nice profile! Kudos!
Tigerolf Report | 04/21/2023 7:10 pm
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Kittea Cafe Report | 04/15/2023 10:42 am
adore your aesthetic as well dearie heart
Paper Mache Dollfie Report | 03/24/2023 2:23 am
It IS very annoying to be ill.. I always feel like I'm wasting time sitting around being sick, mostly since I get so incredibly sick for so long, even just from a cold. It sucks. I feel like I've wasted a lot of my life sick and I just want to get stuff done and enjoy life you know?

I'm glad you recovered well! heart
I'm glad he's recovering as well. I remember a hospital once thought my mom had sepsis, she had facial cellulitis, it was incredibly scary.
Paper Mache Dollfie Report | 03/19/2023 1:12 am
Ick I've had sinusitis before, as has my mom and hubby.. it's never any fun. D: Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and don't overdo it.
I really don't know how they mistook something else for sepsis though. o.o
Paper Mache Dollfie Report | 03/18/2023 10:27 am
I saw your status!! Hope you feel better soon, I'm just glad they didn't have sepsis. D:
danmei Report | 03/18/2023 8:50 am
you're cuter tho!
i love that look. very kind.
amorremanet Report | 03/19/2022 10:28 pm
Love your avi! heart

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