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Alright, I'm back on Gaia so let's do this one more time. My stalker-deterring name is Jinn and I hail from the Big Apple: la ciudad de Nueva York, baby! I'm multiracial so we're probably cousins, but don't ask me for money. What up, primo? I love pizza, RPGs and Brec Bassinger. My superpower is paying my bills. My birthday is July 4th and everybody sets off fireworks in my honor. Fully vaccinated against various things like mumps and polio. ¿u mad bro?


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Careless Kim Report | 09/30/2023 7:24 am
I was taught the basics as a kid, but no I can't speak French. French is only dominant in Quebec and parts of the Eastern Provinces. Most people you find in Ontario that speak French have come from Quebec or their families did.
Careless Kim Report | 09/29/2023 12:12 pm
Nope, but I'm doing my best to just stay out of it all.
-[Kibi]- Report | 09/28/2023 7:46 am
your avi was featured in the daily chance! its so cute and funny razz gj heart
oO-Ui-Oo Report | 09/28/2023 3:41 am
I have.. i prefer the chocolate ones...
And yea.. they're nice too. (:
oO-Ui-Oo Report | 09/28/2023 3:39 am
Careless Kim Report | 09/26/2023 3:10 pm
In my profile picture it's white.
Careless Kim Report | 09/25/2023 4:22 pm
Yep, that's the plan.
Careless Kim Report | 09/25/2023 3:08 pm
Well they only have until the 8th to figure that s**t out, because we have Thanksgiving early.
Careless Kim Report | 09/25/2023 2:54 pm
-hugs the little shark back- Thanks, got some stressful family drama happening, I hate drama.
Careless Kim Report | 09/25/2023 9:21 am
Last week was chilly, I had the heat one. Last night I slept with the window open, lol.


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