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Jesse, 27 years of age
bored most of the time really and don't know what to do some come and chat it up if you'd like.
I'm a nice person most of the time just get to know me and ill probably be one of your close friends you can talk anything about with. I don't mind listening to your problem or anything like that. So if anytime you feel the need to talk to anyone about anything come talk to me and ill try my best to cheer you up. c:
Oh also feel free to RP too remember I'm bored most of the time too ^^


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BunGirl3231 Report | 08/06/2023 8:41 pm
BunGirl3231 Report | 07/24/2023 6:37 pm
They told me last Friday or Thursday that my rate is at a 3.75
BunGirl3231 Report | 07/24/2023 6:35 pm
Because I don't know what my rate is right now
BunGirl3231 Report | 07/24/2023 6:30 pm
Because I don't know what my rate is right now
BunGirl3231 Report | 07/21/2023 10:57 pm
Yeah but I'm afraid that I'm going to lose my job now
BunGirl3231 Report | 07/14/2023 6:38 am
10 hours for 4 day Wednesday through Saturday
BunGirl3231 Report | 07/12/2023 7:28 pm
I was busy working going to sleep at 9
BunGirl3231 Report | 07/12/2023 5:51 am
Oh well I have work today tomorrow Friday and Saturday
BunGirl3231 Report | 07/11/2023 6:37 pm
Oh okay
BunGirl3231 Report | 07/11/2023 8:21 am

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i dont know how to do all the fancy profile stuff anymore nor do i care to find out atm so this is the nooby profile you get!