I am open to making friends. So don't be afraid to PM or add me.

I am tired of being ghosted and/or ignored. So if we were friends, I am sorry, but I am tired of it.

Picture of Me

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Name: Alexander Chang
Age: 30
Location: NC
Occupation: Game Developer
Height: 6 ft 3
Nicknames: Hailfire | Omi | Ankou | Alex
Hobbies: Playing video Games of all kinds, Paintball, Dodgeball, Dungeons and Dragons (Pen and Paper), Board Games, and watching Anime

Discord: Hailfire#0001

Quick Facts:
+ I am an Orphan (Parents died when I was 9).
+ I am Chinese, Cuban, and Peruvian.
+ I love the cold.
+ Favorite game of all time is Virtual-On (Arcade Cabinet)
+ I am a gamer. My love for video games knows no bounds.
+ I have a plate and screws in my right arm after breaking it while throwing a dodgeball. Yes, I broke it myself... while throwing.

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