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Tigerolf Report | 06/16/2024 1:34 am
Thank you for buying from my store heart
Tigerolf Report | 06/16/2024 1:27 am
Thank you for buying from my store heart
Careless Kim Report | 01/27/2024 3:57 am
I totally agree, because the busy season is going to be crazy for me.
Careless Kim Report | 01/26/2024 4:33 am
He thinks he is the greatest most generous boss, and he does have a temper. I've watched him lose his s**t several times, it's nuts.
Careless Kim Report | 01/26/2024 4:17 am
Right. I have had so many bosses that were just crazy and you wonder how they managed to own and run anything.
Thanks for listening to me vent, I've been super stressed lately.
Careless Kim Report | 01/26/2024 4:12 am
It just crazy to deal with this guy and he just loves the sound of his own voice and just loves meetings. Listening to him is so exhausting. This week I have been pulled into 3 different meeting that I didn't even need to be in. He could save so much time and stress if he just let people do their jobs and not be in stupid meetings. He also needs to learn to be short and to the point, the amount of time he spend telling people things that they don't need to know is just insane and it just makes him look stupid, but it like he is trying to seem smart or show off.
Careless Kim Report | 01/26/2024 3:46 am
It was bullshit to be honest. I don't like my job, my boss is such a wired guy. The literally can't finish one project before starting another. He is just constantly throwing one thing after another, after another at me. My title is receptionist and 95% of my job has nothing to do with reception work. I'm just stressed, I think I need to book a week away from this place.
Careless Kim Report | 01/22/2024 12:42 pm
Very nice. Today was a horribly boring Monday for me.
Careless Kim Report | 01/22/2024 7:41 am
How are you doing today?
Careless Kim Report | 01/18/2024 2:08 am
I'm sorry to hear that things have been rough, I hope things get better for you.
Thank you, this avi has been getting a lot of favs.


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