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Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/01

Me in a Nutshell (aka My Origin Story)

Hi vath, here! 3nodding

I originally created this account (near the end of ‘11) to find out why my sis’ hardcore addiction to Gaia. I know what zomg is but I don’t understand it. I guess that’s not my cup of tea. Anyways, I came back in February 2012 and tried to attempt to learn why it was addicting, when I stumble onto fishing. However, it was not until the last two weeks of March, when I witness Vern’s epic over take of Advent, that I started to fish for ranks and trophies. Now, I spend more time on Gaia compared to my sis.

Anywoo, you will always find me fishing at one of the lakes. The pull to compete is just too irresistible and the urge is too strong. I love to fish and I love read fishing charts (you know, stats, past winners, etc… I’m practically on the portal every day lol). I also have a thrill when I’m poaching for cheap bait. One can never have too much bait! scream

Btw, I do not accept random friend requests. You have to least talked to me or hung out with me before I consider adding you.

Vath Fishing Army

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Vath's Cosplay

Smoker from One Piece

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Vathilia Van Malice

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My Fishing Idols (Mastavern & RPG Guy)

These 2 fishers inspired and made me the fisher I am today. XD

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The Creator whom I Worship: Elendilon (aka The Acorness)

The creator of the Fishing Portal XD

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Fishing Legends that I Admire ( The Great Tia & The Great Mironess)

They are legendary because ur face goes O_O when u see the massive list of trophies they've won.

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My Fishing Sensei: Shiletimis

One day I will fish like Shil... but I've still got a long way to go. XD

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The Almighty Epic Fisher

essie can't compete without breaking a record. that is true fishing greatness! XD

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Gaidin's Inspiring Words

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"Being a Top Fisher isn't about what trophies you have or don't have, how much time you have to fish, how many fish hats you have. It doesn't even matter how good you are at fishing. It is about attitude, attitude and community. We are a big family, it is just fishing that brings us together, or the interest in it. All of us have pretty much fished at one time or another, most attempted trophies, and a good many have gotten at least one, but that doesn't make us Top Fishers, that makes us Trophy Winners. You don't need to be a Trophy Winner to be a Top Fisher. We are who we are because of each other, not because of the pixelated fish on sticks that some of us can hold. If you have a sense of family, can be supportive, go for what you believe in, and just generally be friendly, you have what it takes to be a Top Fisher.

Yup, it's as simple as that."

(original source: Top Fishers The Guild - Putting the Community Back in the Fishing Community)

OMG ppl do visit on my profile! XD

SnowbaIl on 01/11/2024
Jiuk on 10/20/2023
Fluffy Floof on 08/01/2023
Pure Alohaa on 10/03/2021
BOMMlE on 06/07/2020
Ivan Van Malice on 11/20/2019
Teyadeth on 11/03/2019
Punkin Tits on 10/07/2019

Trophy Count (So far... XD)

Gold: 8

Silver: 7

Bronze: 24

Total Metal Count: 39

Last Updated: January 07, 2021

My Fishing Records (so far... XD)

April 2012 ^o^
Bassken 3rd place Bronze
Junk 7th place Bronze

May 2012 ^3^
caught my first rare fish: Buckin' Bino
Gambino 3rd place Bronze

June 2012 ^~^
Gambino 1st place Gold
Closest Race Record - won Gold by 2 pts

July 2012 ^-^
(won as Vathilias Official Mule aka Vathilia II)
Gambino 6th place Bronze
Durem 9th place Bronze

August 2012 ^u^
(won as Vathilia II)
Bassken 2nd place Silver (score: 222 222)
Junk 5th place Bronze

September 2012 ^w^
(won as Vathilia II)
Bassken 3rd place Bronze (score: 222 222)
Junk 3rd place Bronze

October 2012 ^=^
Junk 2nd place Silver

November 2012 ^v^
Junk 2nd place Silver

December 2012 ^c^
Junk 6th place Bronze

May 2013 X3
Junk 1st place Gold
Closest Race Record - won Gold by 2 pts

Junk Trophy Set Completed (on Vath)

July 2013 ^m^
(won as Vathilia III)
Gambino 2nd place Silver

August 1013 ^q^
(won as Vathilia III)
Gambino 3rd place Bronze

October 1013 ^,^
(won as Vathilia III)
Gambino 1st place Gold (score: 222 222)
Junk 5th place Bronze

Gambino Trophy Set Completed (on Vath3)

November 2013 ^^
(won as Vathilia III)
Durem 9th place Bronze

May 2014 ^0^
(won as Vathilia III)
Junk 1st place Gold

June 2014 ^A^
(won as Vathilia III)
Bassken 3rd place Bronze
Gambino 7th place Bronze

October 2014 >o>
(won as UPFJ)
Junk 1st place Gold

November 2014 T^T
(won as Vathilia III)
Bassken 3rd place Bronze
Gambino 8th place Bronze

May 2015 ;-_-
(won as Vathilia IV)
Junk 10th place Bronze

May 2016 ^o^/
(won as Vathilia IV)
Durem 10th place Bronze

January 2018 O.O
(won as Vathilia IV)
Bassken 6th place Bronze

February 2018 >,<
(won as Vathilia IV)
Bassken 8th place Bronze

March 2018 ^3^
(won as Vathilia IV)
Bassken 1st place Gold (score: 222,222)

Bassken Trophy Set Completed (unofficially)

September 2019 >////<
(won as Vathilia IV)
Durem 5th place Bronze
Junk 2nd place Silver

October 2019 * o*
(won as Vathilia IV)
Durem 1st place Gold (score: 350,000)
Junk 2nd place Silver (score: 35,000)

November 2019 O oO
(won as Vathilia IV)
Junk 2nd place Silver

April 2020 ^ o^
(won as Vathilia IV)
Bassken 8th place Bronze
Gambino 9th place Bronze

December 2020 O >O
(won as Vathilia IV)
Bassken 7th place Bronze (score: 18888 )
Junk 1st place Gold (score: 48888 )

My Epic/Massive Fishing Quests

This is a long a** list of what I wanna do. Many of these are massive quests that will take a long a** time to complete and I'm not in a rush to complete them. It might be an insane list but some of these quests do over lap each other and plus, I gotta find something to do on Gaia. :B

Current Quest:

Angelic Rod Quest - Fish up 10 Angelic Rods
(progress: 3/10)

Angelic Rod PLUS Quest - Fish up 10 Angelic Rods (progress: 2/10)

EPIC 10 Vath Quest - Complete ALL trophy sets on ALL accounts progress:
Vath 1: 6/13
Vath 2: 5/13
Vath 3: 7/13
Vath 4: 8/13

Future Quests:
Fishing Rupee Quest - literally CATCH 16k of each type of boldur (for mask, belt and wings)

Bi - T - Ch ino Quest - literally CATCH 10k of each type of tuna

Bassken Rare Quest - literally CATCH 10k of each type of striper

Wings Master Quest - Complete all 6 wings quest formulas


Welcome to my shoppie! ;D

I generally stock fish & junk and every now and then, maybe some avvi pieces.

Fish prices r non-negotiable. so, dont bother to haggle with me. I pay the 5% for that reason.

Anywoo, feel free to browse around! ;D


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How to make my dreams come true! ;D

My Housie! ;D

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Leave some letters/words behind for me to read! ;D

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Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin'
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Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive
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She fished-
Ivan Van Malice Report | 11/20/2019 7:02 pm
Ivan Van Malice
Howdy old friend
Remedy Forgotten Report | 08/08/2018 6:38 pm
Remedy Forgotten
Happy belated birthday!
August has been busy so far
Caius Aurelianus Report | 10/18/2017 4:12 am
Caius Aurelianus
I miss chu
Remedy Forgotten Report | 10/01/2017 6:07 pm
Remedy Forgotten
nah, teddy passed away about a year ago, a week after my grandma died, i think the pups sadness had something to do with it

i finally got my first gold trophy, but they havent given out trophies in months ;(
Remedy Forgotten Report | 08/01/2017 11:19 pm
Remedy Forgotten
vathy hope you are doing well, miss you and hope your birthday was a good one!
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