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Vathilia loves fishing.

if u wanna know more than visit my main xd

if u want to leave a comment, please do so on my main, thank you.

Ximonix's ears would orgasm to this.

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stella hondatohru on 10/13/2019
Raktajino on 10/08/2019
SnowbaIl on 07/12/2019

Write it, I'll read it! ^o^

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Raktajino Report | 11/06/2018 6:35 pm
Ahoy, matey!
Jazmin` Report | 07/10/2018 9:10 pm
ok smile
SnowbaIl Report | 05/20/2018 5:05 am
Thats pretty cool and it works on mobile too
Remedy Forgotten Report | 05/19/2018 5:45 pm
Remedy Forgotten
also you should be proud of me
i went to the columbus zoo today and apparently it was charmander day
and i got a shiney one, and caught enough more to evolve him all the way up ;w;
Remedy Forgotten Report | 05/19/2018 5:16 pm
Remedy Forgotten
I just got back from a small roadtrip ;w;
SnowbaIl Report | 05/15/2018 2:07 pm
cat_eek ok
Remedy Forgotten Report | 05/12/2018 10:08 am
Remedy Forgotten
that i did, im number 34 ^__^
Remedy Forgotten Report | 04/27/2018 3:35 am
Remedy Forgotten
Ive been lazy to compete. I just cant do two months in a row it kills me lol
Remedy Forgotten Report | 04/26/2018 10:04 pm
Remedy Forgotten
Take some to go fishing with lol

We lost but it was good other than that and my mother complaining the whole time
Remedy Forgotten Report | 04/26/2018 4:45 am
Remedy Forgotten
I hate when that happens when it rains. I avoid them like theyre land mines lmao. Ive bern closing a lot at work. Today i have training for poll/election work and then going to a baseball game this evening

Gaidin's Inspiring Words

"Being a Top Fisher isn't about what trophies you have or don't have, how much time you have to fish, how many fish hats you have. It doesn't even matter how good you are at fishing. It is about attitude, attitude and community. We are a big family, it is just fishing that brings us together, or the interest in it. All of us have pretty much fished at one time or another, most attempted trophies, and a good many have gotten at least one, but that doesn't make us Top Fishers, that makes us Trophy Winners. You don't need to be a Trophy Winner to be a Top Fisher. We are who we are because of each other, not because of the pixelated fish on sticks that some of us can hold. If you have a sense of family, can be supportive, go for what you believe in, and just generally be friendly, you have what it takes to be a Top Fisher.

Yup, it's as simple as that."

(original source: Top Fishers The Guild - Putting the Community Back in the Fishing Community)


May 2015 ;-_-
Junk 10th place Bronze

May 2016 ^o^/
Durem 10th place Bronze

January 2018 O.O
Bassken 6th place Bronze

February 2018 >,<
Bassken 8th place Bronze

March 2018 ^3^
Bassken 1st place Gold (score: 222,222)

September 2019 >////<
Durem 5th place Bronze
Junk 2nd place Silver


Heya, bub!

I've been seeing a lotta you around the ol' fishing hole lately, so I thought you could use a little upgrade. I've had some o' these Angelic Rods layin' around in my shed for a while, so I figured, "hey, why not give one to Vathilia IV?"

Naw, I don't need nothin' in return, bub. Seein' a fresh young face doin' some high-quality fishing is plenty thanks enough for me.

Enjoy it.

- Old Man Logan

(Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:00 am)


progress: half way there...

Total Fish: 85,738/150 000

(last updated: Wednesday, October 2, 2019)

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I hoard it, you buy it! dramallama

I generally stock fish & junk and every now and then, maybe some avvi pieces.

Fish prices r non-negotiable. so, dont bother to haggle with me. I pay the 5% for that reason.

Anywoo, feel free to browse around! ;D


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