Remedy Forgotten

This profile is still undergoing construction, I will work on it more as I have the time and work is not taking over my life. If you need to message me, or send a trade, or whatever, just search me username in the search bar, sooner or later I will add the links here.

Uhm, about me: Call me Rem or Remmy for now, I don't mind giving my name out if you really want it, just ask. I am a graduate with my Bachelors in Political Science and International Studies. I am in my twenties. I've been on Gaia since '06 and my favorite thing to do on Gaia is fish (now that it is back, that is where you can find me, I will more than likely be in Bino)

I have a lot of hobbies. I like photography, drawing, writing, and most arts and crafts. Also like video games and feel free to add me on PSN (RemedyForgotten). I am always up to make new friends on here. I am always in search for most game items if you want to sell me any or trade. I'll add more to this eventually.