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Alright, I'm working pretty much full-time so I can pay for school to get a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. (Yeah, I'll be graduating debt free because I've been working my buns off.) I like to draw avi arts but because I'm usually either at work or doing school related things I don't have much time for that. (All my currently posted avi arts are very, very old.... sweatdrop ) I keep adding people to the list of people I want to draw so that once I graduate I can give them all free art (some people like to do adult coloring books to de-stress, I like to draw freebies). Sometimes it might seem like I'm on here a lot, but that's actually just me poking around in-between assignments to relax a small bit, I don't sleep much these days, but this site gives me an easy way to people watch and socialize at odd hours of the night.

Relationship Status: Dating a sweet guy irl.


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Ryu Hi's Writing

Well, I like art and anime so I'll probably write about that! Oh and vampires, I think they are spiffy.


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Covenant Death Report | 03/10/2018 8:02 am
Covenant Death
Sorry for being gone so long.
i'm back now.
Plaridelle Report | 11/21/2017 5:57 am
Lol that can be a good thing biggrin
I think jerry somehow balances everything
Zyqi Report | 11/17/2017 4:07 am
◄ {No problem~
And, sweet, it's always nice running into peoples my age. biggrin } ►
JessetKenne Report | 11/14/2017 5:41 pm
try to favorite again now.
QuentinFoxFire09 Report | 11/14/2017 9:01 am
Omg seriously? That's hilarious, but thank you for letting me know before I did something of the like again. 3nodding
Spoonerismz Report | 10/26/2017 10:33 pm
I try my best. He wants suggestions? He probably won't like mine but I'm still gonna suggest them. I'm a man who knows what he wants.
Archangel Mordrael Report | 10/16/2017 12:44 am
Archangel Mordrael
Living the Army life, rewriting my story as a whole, but it is a painfully slow process. Farming Lake Kindred on here sometimes
Archangel Mordrael Report | 10/16/2017 12:10 am
Archangel Mordrael
Indeed it is good to hear from you as well. You and your kin are the ones I miss most about this game
Dark_Vyrus Report | 10/06/2017 5:16 am
i forgot to delete part of your comment from mine. lol
Dark_Vyrus Report | 10/06/2017 5:14 am
Thats good, I more of a last minute kind of person, hold off as long as i can to maximize my free time. Then i become overwhelmed by everything. I get things done but man is it a pain. I never learn honestly lol.
Graduating debt free, hells awesome, not many people can say that or do it.

As for talking to anyone I see out in public, I would but honestly I've seen fewer than five spooky sorts in the last year, and a lot of the time when I see them it's from a far distance away and I don't want to run up and be like, "HEEEEYYYY!!!!!! " Good for you on getting that craft store though. What do you like to make?

Run up to them and compliment them on how awesome they look. Spookys are suckers for that. I know i was. biggrin

I dabble on many thing. I get hit with a surge of creativity & whatever it is i set my sights on. I go for it. Even it comes out bad. My last project was with spray paints. I ran into some $ trouble, so i haven't finished it. I need to re-sand everything & hit it with a new coat of paint due to it getting damaged. Hopefully i get it done soon.


Check out what I've been working on irl?

Bump if I glow?(takes you to a reply box)


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