Greetings to anyone who cares to look at this page for something interesting, and my apologies for disappointing you. I'm James, I live in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, the two small islands next to Australia, and have been living there for almost twenty years. I am autistic, but I have had years of Social skills lessons so that I can better understand how people other than myself work. Like most adults, I work, but at least I enjoy what I do which is recording people. I love music, namely metal and have been in different bands with genres ranging from a slamming brutal death to jazz, even joined an orchestra at the start of my high school year that toured around Europe. My inspirations are Cattle Decapitation, Abominable Putridity, Anaal Nathrakh and The Black Dahlia Murder, my favorite bassist was my friend Rory who passed away in 2017, he was a great person with a heart of gold who unfortunately went hollow. I miss him. I hope that there are people out there who are like him. I believe that's really all there is about me to be honest, so until we meet again friend.