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Well Hello there
My name is Carlos, but people call me Charlie/Wulfie/Kas
I'm 26

it me

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Some random facts about me:

0. I play xbox and pc
1. I'm from Puerto Rico
2. I used to be known as Kasnae_Sunaek
3. I am a Food enthusiast and alcohol enthusiast
4. I write stories
5. I design furniture and make them real
6. I love my animals
7. I am an avid wrencher = work on cars and build bikes
8. I love art (best art is free art xD)
9. Most of my friends, they are girls
10. I've been on gaia since 04 this is my second and main account
11. I love working on cars and electronics



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Melty Bats Report | 12/27/2018 1:49 pm
Melty Bats
JFC Your avatar <3
twilightR0T Report | 11/19/2018 2:48 pm
Arodynamics Report | 11/19/2018 8:42 am
yeah i was staying with my mom and she got fed up so i had to leave. i'm ok. me the bae and the doggies have a place. still unpacking and it's small but it's ours for now.
Blushingmoons Report | 11/18/2018 9:49 pm
heart cute avi!
Melty Bats Report | 11/17/2018 3:58 pm
Melty Bats
emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
L i v i e l l e Report | 11/10/2018 7:36 am
L i v i e l l e
lol silly heart
L i v i e l l e Report | 11/09/2018 9:07 am
L i v i e l l e
oh thanks lol i didn't think of that rofl
L i v i e l l e Report | 11/07/2018 5:01 pm
L i v i e l l e
hokayy super tireddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd D: hlep
L i v i e l l e Report | 11/05/2018 9:08 pm
L i v i e l l e
omg hey wolffff emotion_bigheart
sad boi kam Report | 11/03/2018 4:32 pm
sad boi kam
that is good

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