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Well Hello there
My name is Carlos, but people call me Charlie/Wulfie/Kas
I'm 30

it me

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Some random facts about me:

0. I play xbox and pc
1. I'm from Puerto Rico
2. I used to be known as Kasnae_Sunaek
3. I am a Food enthusiast and alcohol enthusiast
4. I write stories
5. I design furniture and make them real
6. I love my animals
7. I am an avid wrencher = work on cars and build bikes
8. I love art (best art is free art xD)
9. Most of my friends, they are girls
10. I've been on gaia since 04 this is my second and main account
11. I love working on cars and electronics



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Lestat de Lioncourt III Report | 03/25/2024 1:58 pm
Lestat de Lioncourt III
Demon Belladonna Report | 03/22/2024 9:10 pm
Demon Belladonna
It's been great thank you <3
Demon Belladonna Report | 03/18/2024 11:10 am
Demon Belladonna
*Belladonna runs over and hugs* Wolfeeeee my darling how have you been?
Duol Report | 03/14/2024 8:13 pm
visulies Report | 01/20/2024 10:52 pm

        im pomuuuuuuu

Duol Report | 01/20/2024 8:22 pm
howdy, how've you been?
Lestat de Lioncourt III Report | 01/20/2024 11:22 am
Lestat de Lioncourt III
Doing alright. Gaia gaming's pretty bugged, so I'm watching AGDQ.
Watching some guy beat Elden Ring in 20 minutes
Lestat de Lioncourt III Report | 01/19/2024 2:39 pm
Lestat de Lioncourt III
Chu2byou Report | 10/03/2023 2:28 pm
Duol Report | 09/24/2023 7:36 pm
ohhi, sorry I've not really been on gaia much these days
life has been pretty busy.

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