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Registered: 12/13/2003

Location: Nowhere, Delaware

Birthday: 10/30

Occupation: Freelance Cartoonist / Hobbyist

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LaingCaster Report | 09/11/2019 11:26 am
Hey there, just wanted to tell you your avatar is really cool. Have a good day!
iRobotic Banana Report | 09/02/2019 4:05 pm
Thank you for your purchase hon! emotion_bigheart
OtakuKat Report | 03/26/2019 2:19 pm
Thanks for buying 3nodding
Whomper Report | 06/21/2018 7:08 pm
*places a dark magical hat on you* c:
Whomper Report | 04/29/2018 6:04 pm
While I have no clue what caused you to vacate the premises for a spell, I do hope you're feeling better.
Whomper Report | 11/22/2017 11:18 am
*hug* Give your kitten a pet for me.
Whomper Report | 09/15/2017 8:07 am

...you're swell. c:
Remy de Lioncourt Report | 09/12/2017 4:20 pm
Thank you so much!
Whomper Report | 07/01/2017 9:30 pm
Reading that you don't have lupus is quite possibly some of the best news I've read this year. emotion_kirakira

Keep on takin' care of yourself, Lestat.
Whomper Report | 03/19/2017 11:12 pm
*offers quarters and nickles*

Deadly Premonition - Life is Beautiful

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Hello everyone, long-time Gaian here!
Here's a bit about myself ...

I'm a college graduate with a BFA degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Cartooning.
My main interests lie in comic illustration, home crafts, children's book illustration and game character design.

I used to live in NY, but moved out to Delaware once everyday life became far too expensive for middle class families to survive. I am working on designing my room and my studio where I hope to continue my studies and eventually start taking in commissions and social networking.

My other hobbies include sleeping, reading graphic novels, crafting cute s**t, listening to music genres of all kinds, gaming, cooking and baking, sleeping, watching movies, and sleeping.

Alright, I'm done here!

Discord: Lestaticate#0912
Twitch: Lestaticate
STEAM: FissionBase
GOG: FissionBase
PS3 / PS4: TyFission
Wii-U: T-Fission
3DS: 3754 6516 7137
Switch: SW-3884-4895-3195
Pkmn GO:1717-3103-5748

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My favorite hangout :3

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Former Competitive Pokémon Breeding Mentor
Ultra Moon IGN: Ishtar
Pkmn GO: 1717-3103-5748
Switch: SW-3884-4895-3195

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