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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Hello there, welcome to Sly's Den. I was born and raised somewhere in New York. I'm currently twenty-four years young. (*02-21-92*) I use to smoke maryjane every day before work until I got pregnant. I only drink on special occasions. I play the [******** out of Left4Dead2. It's my favorite game. I can't wait for the zombie apocalypse. I also LOVE the resident evil series. I hate the movies however. I own an xbox360, soon to have a ps3. Totally bought a xbox one instead. I LOVE horror games. They make my panties wet. So does tattoos and piercings. I have 11 tattoos and 4 piercings. (*LipxStomachxEars*) Soon to add more to my lovely collection. All my tattoos are wolf related. Yes, I have Wolf Pride. call me crazy, IDGAF. I'm a proud furry. Can you guess what animal?! A WOLF o; I know, so original. Thank you. I own lots of tails, my favorite is my rainbow tail. I wear them almost everyday. Im also a panasexual. I don't give a ******** what you look like, if your personality is ugly, so are you. I don't have a favorite type of music; I usually just listen to the radio. I like uppidity music, I like jumping around and randomly dancing like no one's watching. Believe it or not, I'm very shy. Though, I'll tell you what is exactly on my mind. I'm the type of girl that will leave a pop can out on the sidewalk for a "bum" to hopefully pick it up, then yell at someone for littering. I wear the most random things and meow at strangers. I gave birth to an angel on Earth that I call my son, Derek Cooper Gale. Who was born on May - Fifteen th - two thousand and fourteen. He was born premature at 37 weeks, weighting at 4lbs ; 7oz. But this is where I stop and tell you that you should get to know me.

Though, I'm sure you'll end up regretting it. <3
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Kokubyaku Kitsune ;; Fox Love and Candy Hearts
Death Panorama ;; Y Paddle
Sailor Neo Chibi Moon ;; Cupcake mood bubble
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Baby Banirabu ;; 1,000,000g
noodle anon ;; Benny the Puppy
Sly Anon ;; Luck's On My Side
Anonymous (vocaroo) ;; Black Sea Scoundre
x_Ouroboros_x ;; 175,000g
Pastel Anon ;; Panty Raider
toufu-time ;; 72,000g
cell-killer ;; 20,000g
M i a F a n t a s m a ;; 2,000,000g
Damned Zombie ;; 1,000,000g
Rule 31 ;; 100,000g
Through the Galaxies ;; 4,000,000g

Thank you so much gonk heart


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Goblin Grimm

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Goblin Grimm

Thank you
Sir Wo1fe

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Sir Wo1fe

Hey missy

And thanks! ^^
Misanthropist Devil

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Misanthropist Devil

Oh, well...nice to meet you again lol. sweatdrop
Would you be fine getting re-acquainted then and getting to know each other?
Misanthropist Devil

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Misanthropist Devil

Impossible, I haven't erased them..
I started from the way back of my comments not of recent ones.
Also, my profile does state my name Shinya.
Misanthropist Devil

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Misanthropist Devil

I don't know if you still hold whatever grudge it was back then that we had then.
But I was just browsing old comments on my page because I haven't been on gaia in forever...
I don't even know if you still remember me or not..

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Heheee!~ redface

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