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Just me~

(Updated 01-201 cool
--So i'm not on gaia anymore but i pop in now and again.--
I like gaia too much to leave this site, regardless of lost contact with everyone on here sad ... If you want any interests you can comment or message me or something. I'm super chill.
And SUPER TRASH with Haikyuu and Yuri on Ice. And Naruto. And Mob Psycho 100. And Bungo Stray Dogs.

~I'm pretty easy to talk to
~If yer bored don't hesitate to talk to me or leave something random XD
~Look me up on deviantart.com and fictionpress.com. Just look up 'Ryume' and you'll find me pretty much everywhere
-I do avi art, message me on what you want
~I'm a gamer-depending on your definition of one
~I cosplay
~My dog is my life and he is the cutest dog ever
~I collect as many books as i can even though i'm out of space. Especially
~I love my car. Like a lot. I would do my car. ;D

~Fanfiction stories: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1425722/Ryume_Kazemizu
~Deviantart link: http://ryume-kazemizu.deviantart.com/
~Insta: dananamite

~*~Please don't ask for my number~*~

I keep trying to start over on an avi and i can never stick with just one. So don't be too shocked.
If you want to make me an avatar or avi art feel free to! I want to see the end results though wink


I like cars. And hats. Dogs. Manga. Gaia.
You'll never see me with the same avi.

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Alixx Archer Report | 02/01/2016 3:24 pm
Alixx Archer
yeah i feel that
i was on gaia so much last sem bc i was avoiding hw lmao
yeah i understand that. im tryna preemptively keep my grades up just so i dont gotta scramble to fix em later
its a game called risk of rain!! one of my friends recommended it to me and its super addicting. i've been likening it to arcade games in that theres permanent death and uve gotta try to get through as many as possible before dying, but honestly its so much more than that. theres a bunch of collectibles and characters to unlock and no playthrough is the same!! also its an 8bit game so i love it lmao
ive been thinking of replaying undertale though because i kinda miss it
godspeed!! im sure youll do well smile
omfg dude i 100% feel that bc when i doodle i hear like nothing my professors say at all
ive been doing it on and off so that like. i get enough of the info i need in class but also i get my doodling in
i gotta do well in class and i gotta doodle man
Alixx Archer Report | 01/28/2016 6:51 pm
Alixx Archer
man oh man look at me suckin at replyin lmao
ive been all wrapped up in classes (which is a huge change from lazy a** me last semester)
been doin hw on time for once
mostly bc i downloaded a new game on steam and playing it is my motivation to get my s**t done lmao
ur almost done tho!! just gotta finish up this last thing and ur finally done there!! u can do it friend
i havent drawn much but again most of my times been split between school and gaming
i doodle in my school notebooks tho
keep it up dude!! the more u draw (or even doodle) the better!!
Alixx Archer Report | 01/20/2016 4:37 pm
Alixx Archer
aaaaa its been so long sorry!! schools started back up again for me and i tried to spend as much of my time as possible w friends before i went back
break was okay for me!! a lot of chilling and stuff but it was nice
are you back at school yet?? my classes dont seem too bad this sem which im super hype abt lmao
i feel that abt learnin tho!! i love learning abt stuff and finding new things but theres just some stuff i dont click w and it makes me dread the class bluhh
new years was wild. fun but ill probably relax on that for now. ive got too much school to worry about omfg
u put off soooo much stuff over break but now that ive got school up and runnin i think ill actually have the motivation to do s**t
i havent drawn in so long crying
Alixx Archer Report | 01/07/2016 9:53 pm
Alixx Archer
break was a godsend for me omg
dang lucky man itll be a while before i get my degree. more school for me after that tho too!!
school is comin up quick again which honestly? i dont wanna like. do papers and stuff but i think ill be happy to be back. its a nice change of scenery and during winter i desperately need it tbh
i like the morph suits/spandex and stuff vs body paint bc body paint is just waaaaaay too messy
aw dude im sorry! if ur still sick im wishin u luck!!
my new years was spent with friends for the first time bc usually i spend it w the fam. it was surprisingly nice!!
everythin is work, time, and money and sometimes i wish i could just stop time so i could finish all the stuff i wanna do
im a procrastinator tho so im sure id leave it off anyway omg
Alixx Archer Report | 12/28/2015 8:58 pm
Alixx Archer
luckily my finals were super easy and spaced out enough that they werent much of an issue
im on break now tho which is why my replies are getting so sporadic omg sorry abt that
learn how to seal man
the bodypaint was the biggest thing that kept me from ever cosplaying trolls. that and it took me a while to find one i really liked and by then it was too late to whip up a cosplay lmao
heck yeah!! theyve also got kisscartoon for well. cartoons omg
i still havent watched it but thats bc i get super lazy on break. ive been sitting in bed watching house for like the past few days lol
shes 100% the bae but that outfit is insane omg i dont have the funds or equipment for that
Alixx Archer Report | 12/21/2015 2:45 pm
Alixx Archer
oh man i feel that. idk if im gonna go this year at all bc ill probs have class to worry abt that weekend
same abt homestuck like. there were so many. there are so many dear god just let it die a little bit ple a se. the body paint was teRRIble UGHH
kissanime is super good for it!! plus high quality and it works well on phones uvu
maybe ill watch RWBY some time soon omg. i mean theyve got it on netflix now too which is the coolest
satsuki is bae tbh. the outfits are SO hARD which is why i never got around to making hers bluhhhhh
one day ill get my s**t together lmaoooooo
Alixx Archer Report | 12/13/2015 8:04 pm
Alixx Archer
Idk man ours is nearly always on valentines weekend. amke isnt that great either omg!! lots of homestucks usually, which i mean. isnt bad but like. there are always so many (i was one for a while omggg)
space dandy is so good!! its wild and kinda ridiculous but its one of my favorites aaaa!!
i havent gotten around to watching RWBY yet omg
ive always been more of an achievement hunter/general roosterteeth kinda person and i never really got to rwby yet
im sure your cosplay will look fantastic either way!!!
bro i feel that abt all the other cosplays
after amke this year i was like omg i wanna do satsuki from kill la kill but like i also wanted her to be perfect so like. i never did it lmao
Alixx Archer Report | 12/11/2015 6:59 pm
Alixx Archer
oh man dont even get me started on gifts; my friends and fam will b lucky to get socks this year lmao
aww no its not but mines the same week omg
must be a regular time for cons??
last year i went as space dandy!! also my friend and i cosplayed jed and octavius from night at the museum
id probs reuse the dandy one bc i love the show with all my heart
what one(s) do you have planned??
Alixx Archer Report | 12/10/2015 8:22 pm
Alixx Archer
omg i feel that
u should try to make it when uve got time!!
omg really?? i wonder if its not the same one lmao
bluh i might reuse my cosplay from last year if i do end up going
Voiceless Fox Report | 12/10/2015 7:40 pm
Voiceless Fox
I cannot agree more XD

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