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Circle around me you peasants, this is your Princess speaking!

Alright listen up Lovelys! The name is Joy. You can me Princess of Infinity...or Prinny if you've known me long enough.
I'm a 27 Black Pansexual writer of sorts? I have a weird night job so I'm only on here to either RP or catch up with internet friends. Let me enjoy Gaia for a little while longer...

Anyway, I've been here since 2008? Maybe 9? It's been a while... So I have a few 'old schools' items that I'm always willing to part with for some Avatar art. If you think you can draw comment! We can work out something!

...Wanna see some cool avi art?

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-october fallen stars- Report | 01/17/2021 12:24 pm
-october fallen stars-
Thank goodness that you are doing well! Happy New year! XD I am quite late! XD hahahah
yeah! Take care!!! I will too! Thanks! heart
-october fallen stars- Report | 01/16/2021 5:37 am
-october fallen stars-
Awweeeee infinity!!! So sweet of you!!!!!
Thanks!!! Sending lots of love tooo! And happinessssss
-gibs food-
How are you!!!
That's a beautiful avi!!!! Love it!
Reuben or Ryume Report | 01/11/2021 7:11 am
Reuben or Ryume
Heyyy heart So i can't even think of words that are good enough for your powerful message exclaim I thought about it all weekend. You said it all, all i can say is i'm sorry people around us are just inhumane. I'm sorry you and your loved ones have to live in fear, it's not right. I hope and wish and will keep fighting for a better world for everyone. My 2021 will be my efforts to be more involved and included in what's happening around me. Love you emotion_bigheart
A Fart in the Wind Report | 01/08/2021 1:21 pm
A Fart in the Wind
It's no problem! I love spoiling my frendos!
Reuben or Ryume Report | 01/08/2021 12:29 pm
Reuben or Ryume
You are something else, for sure. I'm a few hours away from the capitol and it is scary. I may not be POC but i have loved ones who are. I said exactly what you just wrote on my social media and have been absolutely infuriated by all of it. Worse part is, my dad and brother took a trip to DC to be apart of it. I'm so ******** ashamed of my family, but i know when it's time to cut off the toxic people. Snip snip ya crazies.
But anyways, we don't have to talk about it if you don't feel like it! You just message me whenever you want and i'm here for you, even just to vent - i was out there next to my black sister in our local peaceful protest, just like any other normal human being should have. You are LOVED and we hear you heart If you need some love sent your way or obnoxious uplifting screams from me i'll be your online bestie, you just let me know ;*
Reuben or Ryume Report | 01/08/2021 12:07 pm
Reuben or Ryume
I'm a sucker for the long brown haired items lol. I'm alright! 2021 off to an interesting start in the u.s. sweatdrop How are you??
Reuben or Ryume Report | 01/08/2021 11:38 am
Reuben or Ryume
I love your avi!
sugarduckie Report | 01/08/2021 8:49 am
thank you so very much for the things emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
KiraYamiya Report | 01/01/2021 3:47 pm
Its been a very long time. Yeah, I agree. 2020 was a butt licker
KiraYamiya Report | 12/31/2020 5:37 pm
Great in some ways. Not so great in other ways. You? biggrin