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Total Value: 274,899 Gold, 2,500 Tickets
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Gothic Veil
Those Black 90s Gloves
Death Whisper
Midnight Gothic Bat Coat
Silver Prince's Boots
Superior Form
Gold Mountain Uniform Pants

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were a cub and was raised by human? Well, welcome to my world. Name's Sain Cooper. I was raised by a human named Inahime who taught me how to hunt and such, even taught me how to hold a bow. She was a kind person. I remeber the first time I curled myself into her arms when I was a cub...good times. It was when I was 13 and was sent out to a village to deliver a message that I met a cat by the name Naizuya Tatzubani.

~Naizyua Tatzubani~

She's a very nice person, even though I met her when she was Semi-conciuos. So I took it upon myself to take her back to her village so we could find her some aid. Her people were kind enough to let me stay the night at an inn. But, it was that very night that I woke to screams, fire, and smoke in the air. I rushed myself outside only to see the destruction that surrounded me. I walked around only to see a shadowy figure cloaked by smoke, but it disapperead as soon as I saw it. I ran into the smoke-cloud to find Naizuya's parents dead as they appeared to fight the beast. Naizuya laid not too far from the bodies. Her eyes dimmly opened as she looked around in horror as to what she had done, the blood on her arms dried as she wept and buried her head in my chest. I told her that I'd become her brother and take her home to meet my mother.

~The War of the Shogun~

War...they say it can change a man...I'd say rather it can change a family. A year after meeting my sister, we became close and shared a deep bond. She became fluent in the way of using a spear thanks to my uncle Yukimura Sanada and Nobuyuki Sanda. Though she was young, she was very talented. Ieyasu wanted me to participate in my first battle. I was excited but I didn't know I was to be fighting someone I met only a few times. His name was Nagamasa Azai. A true man of honor,dedicated his life to it and fighting by his wife's side, Oichi. I met a man named Nobunaga Oda. He did scare me a few times but I did become acustomed to his presence. It was after the attle that Nobunaga told me, "There is something about you, that I find magnificent. I'd ask for your service your loyalty, your might, be lent to the Oda for the time being." He said walking towards Sain calmly. I agreed.It was shortly after, my childhood friend, Xion Azai, and I found ourselves on opposing sides, In my heart I knew it was wrong, but I never falted against him,it was like fighting a mirror, whenever our swords would clash, I could always see that friendly rivalry would remain as he would show, the friendly grin across his face.. After a few battles we found out that One of his most loyal retainers, Mitsuhide Akechi had betrayed The Oda. We fought vailantly even though we were heavily out-numbered. But, sadly in the end. Nobunaga had fell before Mitsuhide's blade. Hideyoshi Hashiba had took a few officers along with him to pursue Mitsuhide to Mount. Tenno. The officers included Me, Nene, Mitsunari Ishida, Kiyomasa, and a few other people. I was suprised to see A man named Sakon Shima, and another named Magoichi Saika. I heard Magoichi had tried to flirt with my mother on numerous occasions, but I couldn't help but laugh. Alas, in the end...we had to kill Mitsuhide. It was a sad night.

~Sain Journey into the Outer Rim~

I had almost forgot to tell you about the time in the Lylat System. I remember being in my ship one day, no fuel, and was out in space driftin for days. I remeber bein caught in the crossfire between a team of piolts and vagabonds. Next thing I knew I was in a hospital for a few days recovering from the injuries i sustained. I woke up and the people who saved me stood there wondering if I was ok. They introduced me and let me stay with them, since I didn't really have anywhere to go. I had wondered what those aircrafts they were piolting called. Fox told me they were called "Arwings". Being me, I was curious and wanted to fly one. Fox and the Crew decided that they were going to teach me how to be a piolt. You've should've seen the excitment on my face. After about a week of rigourous trianing in both Airbone and Gronud missions, I was ready for my first mission. I went along with Fox, Falco,and Krystal. The three of them had amazing skill and they all looked out for one another, not like a team, but like a family. For once, I felt like I was truly at a home again. I wanted to talk to the Blue Vixen known as "Krystal". She was mysertious indeed, she could even read minds, which shocked me and made me think, "Time to get all of those sexual thoughts out of my head" I said thinking. But, of course. She would use that to her advantage to catch me off gaurd, which she did nemouros times.

~Relationships with Krystal~

One day, I finally decided it was time for me to aske Krystal out on a date. I was nervous beyond belife, my palms sweating, my body shaking. I didn't know if I could do it. Before I knocked on her door, she opened it standing there in her Saurian outfit. A red line flashed across my face said, "I...K..Krystal..I have to ask you something." I said nervously. She giggled a bit as to the funny look that ran across my face. "You wanna go out sometime Sain? I'm not doing anything today." She replied with a smile on her muzzle. I felt like my mind has been periced, but then I said, "Y...yeah..I'd like that.." I replied still sweating. "8:00, you know the place Sain." She said hugging him. She gave him a good-bye wave and closed her door. I froze for a second before falling back. The date did go well, she wore a beautiful red dress that I couldn't help but gaze at it. We did click and before we knew it. We became close. So far, she's the only girl I love. 'Till this day, I keep a picture of the two of use doing a funny pose we took one day, and wonder if she's ever gonna walk through that door.

Well well fellow reader...seems as if you stuck with me long enough, as for your reward, I shall tell more of a tale I call "Life"

~The War Of The Lions~

While traversing the vast world we now enjoy, I found myself stuck in a world by the name of Ivalice. A Continent ravanged by war, and political disposition. I often found myself on guard because of highway men and theives alike would try to take what they could from me, surrounded by the rouge my vision picked up a power from a distance, it was tremendous, that unlike I've seen before. A silver-haired Knight by the name of Elmdore De Limberry calmly approached them. The Theives underestimate him as he swiftly disposed of them without effort. My eyes laid afixed on his movements, studying them as I gazed in awe. It was minuets later he revealed himself, a Marquis, another title for a ruler of said territory. I humbly requested that I lend my services to the alleged "Silver Demon" as he went by his enemies. 1 year passed as war broke out all over the continent between Duke Larg & Goltanna. Elmdore was preparing for the coming battle, defending Limberry Castle, as it was invaded by a group of soliders under the command of a Valiant Knight by the name of Ramza Beolvue, I was out defending the gates when we met, his eyes gleamed with the resolve to uphold his family's true duty, despite the puppetmaster controlling the strings of royalty that was known as Dycedarg, his Older Brother. He asked my, "Why do presist in serving a false lord? Bloodshed needen't be shed as this, The stone controls him!" Of course, I hadn't known about this "stone" in which he spoke of, so I questioned him about it. He told me that it has both a power to corrupt induviduals who were of Evil intent themselves, yet also to Preform Miracles as well. In the recent days, I noticed the marquis's behavior was unusual, so we hurried in to see him, changed, an insane grin crept across Elmdore's face as I stared in horror at what he had become. His body changed into Zalure the Death Seraph, otherwise known as a Lucavi a demon of sorts. So sadly, I ended the Marquis's life by my own steel, I felt no remorse for the action I took that day, "He wasn't the same knight, who saved my life that day." I said in a harsh tone, turning my attention to Ramza, I smiled and thanked him for informing me, so in order to repay my debt, I joined him in his mission and helped to see Limberry Castle, back to its former and rightful glory.
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(Best friends ever!)
Pictures of my love! She's so kawaii!!
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(comfy isn't it, and this is a big locket...XD)


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Name: Sainai Kuraganu (prefers to be called sain cooper)
Age: 19
City: Kyoto,Japan, but now resides in Corneria.
Hobbies:Ask me and find out
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