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Hello Yes, I like cake, pie, food in general. Pawsitively cute.
Identifies as a paw p.s. Not A Furry, paw base is just cute af heart

Welcome to my Profile!!!

Hello! I am Grey, whatever years old currently working and reviewing~
I like being in sports and volunteering in school but that was then. I am an ambivert before and now more introverted. I like playing games and such not so much time to do so now, so I settled with reading novels and webcomics. Pleasure meeting you ^^ I hope the world doesn't extinguish the light in your eyes as it did me. "Hope you enjoy your stay~ ^^ Btw do you like cake? yeah I like cake. xD hahah.. "- 2012 Me

Honestly Idk why I'm still here, but hey~ oh well..

Living in The Philippines~
am 25 naooo

Graduated Engineerriiing naaaoo so yaass..

waiting on the board exams :> it feels like foreveer :<


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-Kiym- Report | 09/12/2021 9:52 am
board exam ce?
chamcloudy Report | 08/06/2021 1:48 am
cute avi!! heart
frootloops36 Report | 08/02/2021 7:07 am
boop :>
Eophyrhim Report | 07/19/2021 1:12 am
Yea but that would cost money and right now, I don't know if they still think this site is profittable for them
Eophyrhim Report | 07/18/2021 2:03 am
They're saying it might take a while for gaia to convert, so yea. I can't open my zomg though, I guess there's a problem with my adobe
frootloops36 Report | 07/16/2021 9:35 am
heart heart heart
frootloops36 Report | 07/15/2021 2:58 am
UwU heart
Gelth Report | 07/10/2021 3:40 am
I was never gone. lol
Eophyrhim Report | 07/07/2021 8:42 pm
Well, it is still alive if you get waterfox rofl
Eophyrhim Report | 07/07/2021 4:34 am
Like on a server call?
I'm shy redface


Feel free to browse my rare wares~ 3nodding
Questing on some stuff, so any items bought helps xp

No refunds sweatdrop


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I am bored and alot of things happen in my life
if you really wanna know ask

No matter what happens ,do your best to stay alive.