I'm Back with The Vengeance!!
-this s**t-hole haven't change after all huh?-

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So there I was, taking a break from all this things. I thought staying in-front of the computer was getting old, surfing boring sites, meeting superficial friends, discussing porn and stuff in between, surfing more boring sites, be stuck in a chair while eating, meeting more superficial friends and even more porn discussions--so decided to make some changes and hell it was ********.

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And this is how you do Ka-ra-tei biotch!! Hee-yaah!!
I hope they put ninja-wizards or pirate-samurais on Tekken7.. blaugh
Ok... That's about it for the Opening Salvo, can I hear a '******** Yeah!!' xd

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:: Updates, updates, UPDATES!! ::
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Why do we go to school?

The answer:
Simple. So that we will know how unfair the world is. That dreams are mere illusions that appear while you sleep. To know reality, to live and try to survive in this miserable world.

The world is unfair. And complaining is not making any difference at all, it only adds to the noise.

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When I first saw Bleach, I thought Ichigo's big-a**-knife was cool but then I figured; Damn.. Bleach just robbed P.Head's weapon of awesomeness; The Great Knife.
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P.Head is way cooler than that orange-haired brat and way sexier too. rofl

I also wondered why Gaia didn't have this option-button:User Image
Since most of Gaian's are hunting for this:User Image
They'd be surprise on the tsunami of users using that option. blaugh
Ahahahahaha!!! OMG!! The pursuit of happiness IS ensured by the Bill of Rights.

Don't even think about incest relationship, for ******** sake!!!

Ok, let's start with the basics.
(What you need to know about Uranium)

Uranium is of male gender,
-loves porn
-in case you are new, you need to be naked to get MY attention
-is homicidal
-is not patient and believes patience was never a virtue
-doesn't care about who you are, where you live or what your views in life and how ******** up you've been lately
-hates books
-hates teachers even more
-is usually introverted but switches to extrovert state when drunk
-have 'sincerity issues'..
-is very passive
-sucked at academics but is so darn streetwise
-brain memory is half-empty
-loves girls, girls and girls
-thinks sex is not about making love rather it is more about having fun
-loves anime and would love to draw one (only incapable of drawing *what a loser*)
-smiles alot
-the smiles are often fake
-is willing to have friends even backstabbers xd
-is also a backstabber
-is disturbingly good at games
-knows 4 kinds of languages (2 of which sucks)

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You wouldn't mess with me because:
Uranium doesn't mess with people to start with,
-will and will murder you if necessary
-has alot of friends who'll do the job for less
-it could provoke my sadistic side

Radio Tunes: Rock, Hard ********' Rock and anything that is related to that and has the ability to unleash hell. Oh yeah!!

Anime Titles Watched:Shaman King, Bubble Gum Crisis, Baki the Grappler, Knock Out, Slam Dunk, Ghost in the Shell, Gundam Wing, Trigun, Karas, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Girl From Hell, Fruits Basket, Samurai Afro, Gundam 00, Soul Eater, One Piece...etc. (*No I won't post my black list or hentai titles*)

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cool avi

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Jedah Messiah Dohma

Report | 09/15/2010 11:06 pm

Jedah Messiah Dohma

It's sadistically evil and you know it twisted

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Jedah Messiah Dohma

Report | 09/03/2010 3:14 am

Jedah Messiah Dohma

Your whining falls on deaf's ear hence the reason to my act -

*Slaps you*

Jedah Messiah Dohma

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Jedah Messiah Dohma

You just envy my beautiful blood adorned hair twisted
Jedah Messiah Dohma

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Jedah Messiah Dohma

That's the problem with life...it's unfair. Get use to it mortal twisted
Jedah Messiah Dohma

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Jedah Messiah Dohma

Jedah Messiah Dohma

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Jedah Messiah Dohma

Death is unimmunable
Jedah Messiah Dohma

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Jedah Messiah Dohma

*Death Slap - never misses