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Birthday: 10/14/1991

Occupation: Army


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Xye_the_Whimsy on 09/03/2020
Anita Martini on 04/17/2020

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Hello my name is Max, short for Maxim. I'm 28 years old a veteran of Gaia Online and I started back around 2009ish. I'm a huge fan of the Naruto series, my favorite character is Itachi Uchiha and always will be (RIP Itachi :/). I am also keen on many other anime and open to any suggestions. Reason I'm here is to make friends and close relationships and of course to have fun! smile My interests have some what changed as I've grown from a teen to an old man with responsibilities. I am currently finishing up my college degree later in age because I served in the military for 4 years before that. If you have any questions or would like to chat hit me up! smile

this was me when I was 23 ( this pic was uploaded when i was 23) forgot how to do this its been a minute
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Xye_the_Whimsy Report | 09/03/2020 8:55 pm
hope you are doing well
Anita Martini Report | 04/17/2020 3:30 pm
Anita Martini
I'M ALIVE exclaim
Xye_the_Whimsy Report | 05/17/2019 7:57 pm
DX I didn't answer your question, I'm sorry.
I'm well.

Just been working, taking care of my little and the dogs, music and art in my free time, and church stuff lol
that's basically it ^^

I hope you have been doing well.
Xye_the_Whimsy Report | 05/17/2019 7:55 pm
Hey! I come on here from time to time ^^

How are ya?
Hinata_alive chan 101 Report | 05/08/2019 6:06 pm
Hinata_alive chan 101
misteryunknown you don't have to if you don't want to, I am awkward on there haha.. But if you do I can always give you a follow back :3
I hope you had a great wedding <3 Getting married is such a big step in life I feel. Dogs huh I have a little one myself, she's a Yorkie. Does that mean you guy don't want to have kids?
College sweatdrop I should have gone, I still should go... but I don't know what to really go for. I used to want to be a teacher when I was little but then I got bullied and wanted nothing to do with it. Then I wanted to draw for a living but now I feel i'm not as good at it as I used to be. Hmmm it's still unclear what I want to do in the future, for now, I'm just focusing on getting my first house, getting married and then a kid or two. That's what I want ^^
Hinata_alive chan 101 Report | 05/07/2019 3:25 pm
Hinata_alive chan 101
Thanks you ^^ and your married! :O Lucky I wish he would ask me lol but I think he's waiting until we get our owe place first. (Sadly I'm living with family at the moment...) but still congrats biggrin
You twitch as well lol that's cool. I just kinda started so i'm still new :/ but I have 53 followers with 392 views. It's not much but it's fun. Tho I feel I'm not that good Xd I'll play any game really but right now my main game is Parasite eve 2, it's a PlayStation one game. Maybe one day i'll get to the hundreds like you. Since you have that many I think you should get back on i'm sure they miss you ^^
Hinata_alive chan 101 Report | 05/03/2019 7:44 pm
Hinata_alive chan 101
Same lol sadly gaia just doesn't feel the same as it once did. I miss tektek :< But enough about gaia. Like I said I don't get on much, but it is nice to see old friends get on ^^
Don't remind me -_- i'm halfway there, i'm 25 now, blah it sucks lol I haven't changed much in my life tho. Still the same old job (i'm hoping to find a better one) Still with the same person ive been with for 9 years now^^ a proud moment if I do say so myself and I'm a twitch streamer with 53 followers. (still getting used to it Xd). What about you how's life?
Hinata_alive chan 101 Report | 04/28/2019 7:11 pm
Hinata_alive chan 101
lol Every now and then yes, mostly at random. whee Hello it's been awhile since an old friend message/commented at me XD How are you?
Xye_the_Whimsy Report | 05/17/2017 12:18 pm
LOL thanks
we really like her, she is a stink though lol.
Hahaha oh no. Ronin is also nosy/curious. Right now her thing is to dig in the trash.

Thanks so much ^^
lol I totally know the feels =)
Xye_the_Whimsy Report | 04/30/2017 10:25 am
Awww she is so pretty ^^
Our husky is pretty sassy too.

Oh nice. XD
we haven't taught ours to sit up yet. she knows: sit, stay, lay down, and how to give high-fives

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aw, her name is pretty too. So perfect

Ronin is the name of ours =)