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lasstiana Report | 09/30/2023 5:56 pm
aw thank u!!
jinn in a bottle Report | 09/28/2023 3:40 am
jinn in a bottle
o.o cool. I never tried strawberry. I used to buy the chocolate one with almonds. DX they got so expensive though.
jinn in a bottle Report | 09/28/2023 3:11 am
jinn in a bottle
is your avi munching on pocky?
Spyrite Report | 09/25/2023 11:32 pm
You are so kind. Thank you so much! ;w;
houjun-san Report | 09/24/2023 10:06 am
thank u!! heart
Unicorn Report | 09/24/2023 3:25 am
I just looked up Berceres and it looks so good! ^u^ aah! That's awesome! heart
Unicorn Report | 09/21/2023 12:12 pm
That sounds like a wonderful time! ^^ Are you having a birthday cake? emotion_kirakira
Unicorn Report | 09/20/2023 1:16 pm
Thank you! heart heart And that's awesome! Are you doing anything special on the day? ^^ emotion_rainbow
fuwaplushy Report | 09/20/2023 3:12 am
aww thank you heart
Dawn Report | 09/19/2023 4:32 pm
thanks a bunch!! heart


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Hi welcome to my page.
Im a female in her late 30's.
My real name is Kerry and my internet Username is Ui/Uiko.
I am from and live in England/UK
I love anime and manga subjects but don't watch anime often..
Im mostly a fan of jpop, jrock anime music etc.. Im a fan of male singers/songs mainly... my favourite singer has to be.. more than likely Shouya Chiba.. but.. he is not a solo singer... though im hoping he will become one....i also like Soma Saito though... and Makoto Furukawa..
I also love anime webtoons lately as well.. stuff like on bilibili comics etc..
manga i still read sometimes though..
My favourite webtoon at the moment is Living with a Cat.. and You are my Catnip..
My favourite manga has to be... well.. i may come back to this later.. XD (was Loveless.. but thats inactive and my tastes have shifted since then..) oh ah.. i know... Mermaid Boys..
My fabourite anime and manga type is Shoujo Romance especially with Fantasy
I somewhat play games.. mainly just otome games and MMORPG's anime chibi ones anyway.. im very fussy with MMORPG's...
My favourite drink is Milkshake.. normally Strawberry.. but when it comes to special Milkshakesi can't get enough of the Ferrero one..
I love pink... i love dog's.. i love Hedgehogs.. i love Harp Seals.. and other animals too...
I dislike insects... but i do like Butterflys and Ladybirds.. but still afraid of them..
I have one dog and one cat as pets too. 'v'

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I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness: I’ll Spoil Her with Delicacies and Style to Make Her the Happiest Woman in the World! (anime)

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Huge Shih Tzu fan.. and Shih Tzu avvy.

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7 days (a week today QAQ) Until my birthday. 'v'