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Gender: Male

Birthday: 04/08

Occupation: Cat

Try to Meow at Raven.

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Raven's Store.

Raven is an Alchemist, and is always needing something fur Alchemy. If you have something Raven needs and are willing to sell them to Raven fur a Deal or Trade items in large amounts at once, tha would really save time considering tha most alchemy formulas take a dozen or so items and 10+ of each item.
Raven now Officially accepts Trades (Via PM) with a Discount so the Seller AND the Buyer Both leave with MORE gaia_gaiagold
If Raven has little alchemy items listed much higher than it could be, it is because dropping it to a fair price seems to have others buying it just to resell the item(s) fur 5X as much. If there is something you want, but think the price is too high (like Wolf Pelt ), PM Raven about it and he will most likely drop the price by half fur you.

Please PM a Request fur a Trade on 9,000,000,000+ Gold Items. All Trade Requests come with Discounts!
Raven does NOT do Item Trades.
Sorry but he does not want any Random items tha he will just have to resell.

If you do want to Trade Item(s), Raven will trade you fur Wishlist Item(s) of Equal or Greater Price.
Do NOT send Raven a Random Trade of your Cheap Useless Junk and request Billions or Trillions of Gold in exchange.
He is not a Trillionaire and even if he was, he does not want a bunch of Trash.
You have junk you want to get rid of? -Sell it on the Marketplace and do not try to dump it on him then ask fur an impossible amount of Gold!

Raven is not "Undercutting" he is slowly trying to bring down the prices on everything to help fix the Inflation.
If you buy something just to sell it back fur more- you will lose because Raven usually sells more of tha item and will keep dropping the price, so You get stuck with an item you do not want and cannot sell without becoming indebted cat_razz

Fur buying to resell items at much much higher prices. This is getting annoying now you humans.
ur-darkstar valentine
Lonely Vampire Lover


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Raven's Motorized Vehicle

Meet-up and Rally

Stuff tha Needy Raven wants but probably doesn't actually need...

Individuals tha like to stare at Cats Grooming themselves...

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SkyKitsunex on 07/03/2022
Jojolteon on 05/09/2022
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Foreground Eclipse on 08/07/2021
Xnothing-but-your-ashesX on 08/07/2021

Stuff about Raven tha you Might find intresting...

You wanna Know about us hu? Well there is a lot to learn about us and won't be able to get it all down on this, so any questions please Send a Message and we will get back to you as soon as the urge to respond kicks in....(You might be waiting quite a while, but don't worry will get to you... eventually. We are not very active anymore.)
For those who used to know us years ago, we no longer speak in third person, we have been swinging with plural fur a while now. We are still just one guy though! We are still a crossdressing Male, except now we go more by It Pronouns but if tha bothers you, you can still just use He/Him/His) Raven doesn't "Role Play" or have a "Character" or wha ever, we are just ourself. Now lets cut to the chase,
1. We are a Cat. PERIOD! No if's and's or but's about it. Not a Human tha acts like a cat, or dresses like one, and Not a Furry. We are a Cat, walks on four paws, has fluffy black ears, a fluffy black tail, whiskers and so on. So if you are going to try and convince us otherwise-DON'T. We do not want to hear it and has no time to waste by being bothered with such crude insolence. We IS NOT A HUMAN, and we simply Cannot express this enough.
We were born a Cat, and we will Die a Cat.

2.Yes, we are Goth. cat_burning_eyes Not Emo. Not Scene, and certainly not anything between, and fur all of you 'Haters' (or wha ever it is called) out there, Goth was around long befur any of those other 'things'. Not insulting anyone with those particular Lifestyles just doesn't want to be confused with them.
3. Yes, we're Gay. Problem? Don't Care, cat_mrgreen just don't add. Also taken so don't ask!
4.We are Pagan, but not ignorant of other religions. We have studied many different religions. Honestly, we are open to changing our religion if we ever find something better, but tha does not mean we want to hear about yours, so keep yours out of our face. We only posted our religion on here so tha everyone would stop trying to convert him to wha ever they think is right. Also if you claim to be a Wiccan and you Curse/Hex/Spell against others you are NOT a Wiccan you are just bastardizing a more Modernized Version of our Religion; and we does NOT want to talk to you or have you as a Friend. You are helping Ruin a Sacred Right and giving a bad name to those who actually DO believe. In General one of the very first rules is not harming others. cat_talk2hand Or saying tha you are "a Wiccan type Dark" or "a Wiccan type Fire". It is stupid. Everyone has different thoughts and views, and they are entitled to them, just as long as they don't try and force it upon others. Also don't comment or PM stupid stuff about it or try to argue with us about it, it is rude and annoying and we will end up blocking you fur wasting our time.
5.We is a Gentlecat We will explain it this way: We would rather die sad, alone, and hated while doing the right thing... than to live a long and happy life liked by all but all while doing the wrong thing. Most humans will not understand this, but we live by our conviction therefur... You May Judge us as much as you like, seriously: point, stare, laugh, cry, complain, do wha ever it is tha you may do. WE DO NOT CARE WHEEE~!
So about 80% of you will finish reading this and realize tha we have some sort of mental problem, go ahead and assume brain damage too. Now more than half of the 80% of you, realizing this about us will still give us a hard time, and probably end up bullying us. 10 points fur humans! We are pretty used to it. Go ahead, and send us a cheap junk item and a Hate Anon, mock us, make fun of how we talk, how we acts, call us stupid, childish, a freak, and/or wha ever else you humans say. Really, we do not give a damn, he is used to it already. By all means human, belittle him. If you actually think in your tiny human mind tha you can really truly make our life any harder than it already is, then go ahead:
Take your best shot. cat_twisted

Everyone Please Remember: Yes, Life is Hard and many things are unfair, but don't let the little stuff get you down. Think about wha you are saying when you complain about how horrible your life is. Is it really tha bad? If you say yes then Send us a Message, and we can talk about it. He will show you tha its not as bad as you think. Don't talk about killing yourself. Be happy you're alive fur not everyone gets to live a full life, some of us have a life expectancy of less than 30. Everyone has at least someone who cares about them, and Raven cares about ALL of his friends. If you get Lonely send us a Message, we will always try our best to be here fur everyone tha needs help. We Cannot Promise tha life gets better, but it can, even if it doesn't happen right away.
Remember humans: snuffing out someone else's light, won't make your own light burn any hotter or any brighter, all it does it make the world a darker place...
Nothing is Impossible, improbable yes, but not impossible!

Yeah we took this stupid test.
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You are a Don't F*** With Me Seme!
Serious and to the point, and sometimes bordering on the sadistic, it takes a special breed of uke to satisfy your needs. You tend to be anti-social with little patience for most people. You need someone to challenge you and push you to your limits, and then be able to take your intense reactions, which possibly involves rope and sensual torture. This is what makes the Badass Uke the yin for your yang, as you're the only one able to put them in line and satisfy each other.
Most compatible with: Badass Uke
Least compatible with: Dramatic Uke, Innocent Uke, Clueless Uke
What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at SemeUke.com

🐾Pictures & Photos🐾 Art from Friends and Photographs of Raven

The Cat Himself
Hahaha! Fooled you!

🐾 Art done by Raven's Friends! 🐾
(Shown in Threes)

User Image
Hunter: Handsome, Sweet, Understanding and Witty. He made Raven's First Art.
User Image
User Image
Nym: Raven's sweet little Pet, Cute, Clever, and Funny. He made Raven's Forth Art.
User Image
User Image
True_Loves1stKiss: A Newer friend, but very caring and creative. She made Raven's Sixth Art
User ImageUser Image
AllFavor: A Sweet Charming Meower tha drew Raven's Eighth Art!
User Image
User Image
Raven's Precious Fairy Drew this Chibi Art!
User Image
User Image
UnluckyUsagi: This Sweet Meower drew Raven's Tenth Art fur Free in an Easter Event Thread!
User Image
User Image
Canadea: This Charming little Fluffy drew Raven this free Tiny Kitty Avi Art!
User Image

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Droppin Franklins Report | 04/16/2022 5:43 am
Droppin Franklins
Sorry for you lost
amorremanet Report | 02/26/2022 9:59 am
Love your avi! Such a perfect mix of cute and creepy heart
TheFaithFox Report | 09/30/2021 5:36 pm
I have neither o:
TheFaithFox Report | 09/29/2021 10:38 pm
TheFaithFox Report | 09/29/2021 9:16 pm
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prince_caius Report | 07/18/2021 11:36 am
ive been good , im missing it here
JinJerSnapped Report | 03/08/2021 4:53 pm
I just wanted to say that I love your avi. Also love the three animated cats on your post smile
Lawaysa Report | 03/07/2021 3:53 pm
Kool Kitty.
Bonzly Report | 03/07/2021 7:25 am
I don't use skype anymore.

I'm on discord all the time. My info is in my sig. I've been fair. Just working and finally making new music. I don't expect to be back here full-time. I just log on when I feel like it.

Inside Raven's Shroom House!

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Chesha Neko Does the Kitty Cat Dance!

Tank filled With Raven's Fish. No Meow, NOT your fish...

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Mommy Froo! Female Maker: Currently Known As "Froo"! No Meow, You are not allowed to call Froo "Froo"! Yes she is Raven's Female Maker in real life. She's a Crippled Froo but a good Froo <3 and RAVEN'S FROO!

These Three are Raven's Amazing Brothers!

These Lovely Ladies are Raven's Sisters. Raven won't threaten or say wha he will do if you hurt any of them. Rest assured you will NOT like it.

This is Miss luvmiroku. She is Raven's Gaia Cousin. She is very good at writing!

Meindert is Raven's Best Meower Bestie who is so loving and smart! He has a Woofer named Buster is so cute! Bestie! <3

Wolfy! He is Raven's Hero. He is a Fluffy Wolfy who purrtects Raven from Bullies! He's the Marc Anthony to Raven's Pussyfoot! Bestie! <3

This Long Conversation Holding, Kitty Loving, Donkey Saving, Secret Keeping, Avi Obsessed, Close friend is the super awesome Enj Meowy! Raven's Scar Brother And Bestie! <3

Le Jaq, another close friend! She is a very smart, caring and has long conversations with Raven all the time. She has a Fiona Kitty whose also pretties! Bestie! <3

Miss Pudding: a supportive Chicka! DON'T EAT HER SHE'S NOT REAL PUDDING!

Miss Psycho

Miss Kate!

Angel MewMew, a Complete Sweetheart & Raven's Little Fluffy!

Hunter: Talented & Sweet Gentleman!

Miss Ellie; a kind, caring, loving, and Generous Lady who is also Raven's Sweet Pet! She defends Raven & is a good friend to his Fairy! Bestie! <3

Miss Mort! Raven's Dark Styled Darling New Friend! She is sweet to Raven's Fairy! Bestie! <3

Pretty Kitty Pet!