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Birthday: 04/08

Occupation: Cat

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Raven is an Alchemist, and is always needing something fur Alchemy. If you have something Raven needs and are willing to sell them to Raven fur a Deal or Trade items in large amounts at once, tha would really save time considering tha most alchemy formulas take a dozen or so items and 10+ of each item.
Raven now Officially accepts Trades (Via PM) with a Discount so the Seller AND the Buyer Both leave with MORE gaia_gaiagold
If Raven has little alchemy items listed much higher than it could be, it is because dropping it to a fair price seems to have others buying it just to resell the item(s) fur 5X as much. If there is something you want, but think the price is too high (like Wolf Pelt ), PM Raven about it and he will most likely drop the price by half fur you.

Please PM a Request fur a Trade on 9,000,000,000+ Gold Items. All Trade Requests come with Discounts!
Raven does NOT do Item Trades.
Sorry but he does not want any Random items tha he will just have to resell.

If you do want to Trade Item(s), Raven will trade you fur Wishlist Item(s) of Equal or Greater Price.
Do NOT send Raven a Random Trade of your Cheap Useless Junk and request Billions or Trillions of Gold in exchange.
He is not a Trillionaire and even if he was, he does not want a bunch of Trash.
You have junk you want to get rid of? -Sell it on the Marketplace and do not try to dump it on him then ask fur an impossible amount of Gold!

Raven is not "Undercutting" he is slowly trying to bring down the prices on everything to help fix the Inflation.
If you buy something just to sell it back fur more- you will lose because Raven usually sells more of tha item and will keep dropping the price, so You get stuck with an item you do not want and cannot sell without becoming indebted cat_razz

Fur buying to resell items at much much higher prices. This is getting annoying now you humans.
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Stuff about Raven tha you Might find intresting...

You wanna Know about Raven hu? Well there is a lot to learn about Raven and won't be able to get it all down on this, so any questions please Send a Message and will get back to you as soon as the urge to respond kicks in....(You might be waiting quite a while, but don't worry will get to you... eventually. Raven has a lot of friends and tries to message them all. So don't send dozens of messages in a row or he will make you wait longer.) Yes, Raven is well aware on how he speaks, please don't be rude about it! Raven doesn't "Role Play" or have a "Character" or wha ever, he is just himself. Now lets cut to the chase, regardless of wha you may have heard or think you may have heard about Raven, these are the facts:
1. Raven is a Cat. PERIOD! No if's and's or but's about it. Not a Human tha acts like a cat, or dresses like one, and Not a Furry. Raven is a Full Blown Cat, walks on four paws, has fluffy black ears, a fluffy black tail, whiskers and so on. So if you are going to try and convince Raven otherwise-DON'T. Raven doesn't want to hear it and has no time to waste by being bothered with such crude insolence. Raven IS NOT A HUMAN, and he simply Cannot express this enough.
Raven was born a Cat, and Raven will Die a Cat.

2. Raven is a Goth. cat_burning_eyes Not Emo. Not Scene, and certainly not anything between, and fur all of you 'Haters' (or wha ever it is called) out there, Goth was around long befur any of those other 'things'. Not insulting anyone with those particular Lifestyles just doesn't want to be confused with them.
3. Yes, Raven is Gay. Problem? Don't Care, cat_mrgreen just don't add. Also taken so don't ask!
4. Raven is Misanthropic, but restrains self from judging majorly. Raven Hates ALL Humans, so you Humans are reading this now try not to be offended; he doesn't hate you individually, he hates your Species as a Whole- just in general. Now being tha Raven is Misanthropic he has quite a low tolerance fur Humans ESPECIALLY those who are: Aggressive, Demanding, Overly Judgmental, Rude, Aggravating and Inconsiderate, but after getting to know you the chances are high tha Raven will not hate you. (More of a Guilty until Proven innocent thing.)
5. Raven is naturally Anti-social. He doesn't mind hanging around humans, and/or other creatures, he would just purr-fur if they didn't touch-like at all. He does not like handshakes, hugs, being tickled etc. etc.... so unless you are a close friend, Please refrain form doing so, this is especially True with Females, NO OFFENSE Meant to any of you Ladies, Raven just finds you to be... fur lack of a Better word 'Scary'.
6. Raven is a Vegetarian/Vegan, so no Chicken, Pig, Fish, Cow, Deer, Snake, Alligator, Moose, Horse, and or any other animal in general. Raven likes Animals and therefore does not eat them. As fur the Vegan part, Raven doesn't drink milk or eat eggs, butter, yogurt. or cheese; generally they all makes him ill anyway. Occasionally (Less than once a month) he'll eat something tha was baked with dairy products (this seems unavoidable when dining in most restaurants). Why is Raven this way? He believes tha all life, no matter how small (like ants) is precious.. though he tries to look away when it comes to some humans. Yes, it is pretty hypocritical, but at least he can admit to it. He is not purrfect, but at least he is not human. Number 6 ties into number seven.
7. Raven is Pagan, but not ignorant of other religions. In fact Raven has studied many different religions. To be honest, Raven HATES religion. So keep yours out of his face. He only posted his religion on here so tha everyone would stop trying to convert him to wha ever they think is right. Also if you claim to be a Wiccan and you Curse/Hex/Spell against others you are NOT a Wiccan you are just bastardizing a more Modernized Version of Raven's Religion; and he does NOT want to talk to you or have you as a Friend. You are helping Ruin a Sacred Right and giving a bad name to those who actually DO believe. In General one of the very first rules is not harming others. cat_talk2hand Or saying tha you are "a Wiccan type Dark" or "a Wiccan type Fire". It is stupid. Raven doesn't really care for religion, just purr-furs if you keep it to yourself, fur everyone has different thoughts and views, and they are entitled to them, just as long as they don't try and force it upon others. Also don't comment or PM stupid stuff about it or try to argue with Raven about it, its rude and annoying and he will end up blocking you fur wasting his time. Shove your religion on him, he'll shove you on his block list.
8. Raven is a Gentleman- he will explain it this way: Raven would rather die sad, alone, and hated while doing the right thing... than to live a long and happy life liked by all but all while doing the wrong thing. Most humans will not understand this, but Raven lives by his conviction therefur... You May Judge Raven as much as you like, seriously: point, stare, laugh, cry, complain, do wha ever it is tha you may do. RAVEN DOESN'T CARE! He has spent an entire lifetime of being mistreated and teased and mocked and wha not, so nothing really bothers him anymore. Raven is a Gentleman, and fur the most part acts as such-BUT rest assured if you do go so far as to piss Him off: there will be consequences. He isn't going to state wha, or how. Will just let you imagination guess how cruel, demented, and absolutely disgustingly twisted Raven's mind is....Now just let tha sit in your brain fur a while. Also fur most things online if it is something minor, but still enough to ruin Raven's Day, HE WILL REPORT YOU AND HE WILL NOT FEEL ANY REMORSE! Call him a snitch if you want, but if you were a good friend you wouldn't purr-posly wrong Raven or his Friends to the point where he would report you. (Raven has a sense of Humor and it does take quite a bit to set him off so fur most of you don't worries.)
So about 80% of you will finish reading this and realize tha Raven has some sort of mental problem, go ahead and assume brain damage too. Now more than half of the 80% of you, realizing this about Raven will still give Raven a hard time, and probably end up bullying him. 10 points fur humans! Raven is pretty used to it, he doesn't care about wha you humans say to him or about him. Go ahead, and send him a cheap junk item and a Hate Anon, mock him, make fun of how he talks, how he acts, call him stupid, childish, a freak, and/or wha ever else you humans say. Really, Raven does not care, he is used to it already. By all means human, belittle him. If you actually think in your tiny human mind tha you can really truly make Raven's life any harder than it already is, then go ahead:
Take your best shot. cat_twisted

There are a few more side notes to mention if you are really tha intoxicated to know more about Raven. cat_stare Like Raven has a lot mental disorders and is legally Criminally Insane/Mentally Disabled. Tha "4 out of 5 doctors agree is insane" thing sort of annoys him. (From 2011 to 2015) 52 Doctors have seen Raven and they all agree he is insane cat_rofl But medical purrfessionals have been agreeing to tha way befur 2006. So best to not mess with and try to stay clear of Raven, fur who knows wha may happen....(nobody really, and there is no point in looking fur a individual under the name of "Who" fur they do not exist, trust him on this. Raven has scowered the world in search of said Individual). Luckily you haven't met Raven in real life! Don't worry, Raven won't will bite! cat_twisted Seriously meow, he usually goes fur the face so he sometimes wears this special muzzle. Yes Raven can be a serious Jerk. He is not always nice, but he is always honest. ... and tha should count fur something!
Everyone Please Remember: Yes, Life is Hard and many things are unfair, but don't let the little stuff get you down. Think about wha you are saying when you complain about how horrible your life is. Is it really tha bad? If you say yes then Send Raven a Message, and we can talk about it. He will show you tha its not as bad as you think. Don't talk about killing yourself. Be happy you're alive fur not everyone gets to live a full life, some of us have a life expectancy of less than 30. Everyone has at least someone who cares about them, and Raven cares about ALL of his friends. If you get Lonely send Raven a Message, he will always try his best to be here fur everyone tha needs help. Raven Cannot Promise tha life gets better, but it can, even if it doesn't happen right away.
Remember humans: snuffing out someone else's light, won't make your own light burn any hotter or any brighter, all it does it make the world a darker place...
Nothing is Impossible, improbable yes, but not impossible!

UPDATED-Extra Notes On the Side:
Raven has said this well over a thousand times, but apparently it has yet to sink it; Raven is rather tired of hearing complaints about how he speaks, If you don't like how Raven speaks, don't speak to him. Simple as tha meow. Raven is well aware of how he speaks, he hears about it on a daily basis. You being rude about it will only annoy him! Raven does not constantly bring up how you humans speak with; jk, LOL, wyd, OMG, lmao, WTF, tbh, FML, wbu, idk, rofl and Bingo English; b4, h8, L8, 2, 4. ALRIGHT! (16th of October in the year 2016) Hence forth, every human tha wants to pull this "Internet Talk" & "Bingo English" BS with Raven is going to get some MewMew-Babble as a reply! Raven is not even going to try and understand wha you are saying, and he will no longer ask fur you to try and explain it. Don't give him this "things adapt" nonsense either, it isn't adapting if you could never do it right in the first place, it is failing and trying to drag everyone else down with you. Sort of like this story. Tailess Foxy Story
Please Please PLEASE do NOT ask Raven out. No Dates, No Breeding, no No! Raven is NOT looking fur a Boyfriend, he is NOT looking fur a Mate, he is NOT looking fur a Friend with Benefits, he is NOT looking fur a Lover, he is NOT looking fur a Sexual Partner. Please don't ask meow, it is alright to like him, but don't claim to be in Love Him when you know nothing about him or have only known him a few days/weeks. Raven is already with someone, so again PLEASE do NOT message him trying to get with him or touch him or wha ever!
If you dislike something about Raven, go ahead say it-but say it to him but in a polite way, he does not know wha it is you want or dislike, so tell him! He might just surprise you!
Try and be patient with Raven, he is more often than not, a simple minded cat, he makes a lot of mistakes and gets frustrated easily. Too much Frustration makes him angry easily, however he normally gets over it in a moment or two... Poor Memory Helps with the furgiving/furgetting.
-THIS WILL SEEM VERY COLD- Raven really does not like Depressing Emo Humans, being around them angers him, and makes him depressed. So if you are Emo, please try and keep your depressing, Cop-out Suicide Suggestions to yourself. You are not going to die, you are not going to kill yourself. If you cut yourself you are NOT serious about dying-if you were serious about dying you would do it and get it over with. Really WHA is SO BAD in your life? Do it or don't. Most of you Emo Humans are Barely Adolescent or not even Adolescent! You have not LIVED LIFE YET, you have not truly suffered. So if you cannot make it through something like simple breakup with someone you never actually met in real life and only dated fur a pawful of weeks. Then Sorry Meowy, but you are not going to make it in the real world.
Honestly, Yes Raven knows he is annoying at times, just be grateful you haven't met him in real life! Those who have met him In real life say he can be: quite loud and annoying. Pushy, Rude, Vindictive, Spiteful, Demanding, Hateful, Aggressive, Cynical, and an extreme Pessimist. Gotta hand it to the Humans.... They Really Know Raven! cat_lol
Though others have said he is so Cute, Charming, Caring and quick to help, tha he could be be nothing of the sort. Raven likes these Humans Better! cat_xd

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You are a Don't F*** With Me Seme!
Serious and to the point, and sometimes bordering on the sadistic, it takes a special breed of uke to satisfy your needs. You tend to be anti-social with little patience for most people. You need someone to challenge you and push you to your limits, and then be able to take your intense reactions, which possibly involves rope and sensual torture. This is what makes the Badass Uke the yin for your yang, as you're the only one able to put them in line and satisfy each other.
Most compatible with: Badass Uke
Least compatible with: Dramatic Uke, Innocent Uke, Clueless Uke
What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at SemeUke.com

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prince_caius Report | 07/18/2021 11:36 am
ive been good , im missing it here
JinJerSnapped Report | 03/08/2021 4:53 pm
I just wanted to say that I love your avi. Also love the three animated cats on your post smile
Lawaysa Report | 03/07/2021 3:53 pm
Kool Kitty.
Bonzly Report | 03/07/2021 7:25 am
I don't use skype anymore.

I'm on discord all the time. My info is in my sig. I've been fair. Just working and finally making new music. I don't expect to be back here full-time. I just log on when I feel like it.
Bonzly Report | 03/06/2021 11:54 am
Long time.
luvmiroku123 Report | 02/19/2021 11:49 pm
I celebrate a little bit of everything. I was raised Church of Christ, but I don't agree with many of their teachings, and don't like them very much.  So I celebrate different things. Usually I just celebrate Valentine's day as my brother and sister-in-law's birthday. They are exactly a year apart and he turned 30 this year so yeah. lol. I haven't really found a faith that I feel like fits me, so that's still a WIP.  Oh yeah sewing by hand can take an eternity, but it can definitely be worth it. If you want to make me something, I'm sure I'll love it, but no expectations from me on getting anything. 

Yes. Night shift for Night Owls is the BEST thing. You don't have to fight your natural inclinations to be awake at night. I will say that after a while, I get to feeling like a vampire when I go out in the sun. I'm pretty much the equivalent of "it burns us!". Doesn't help that even before I went to night shift, I burned rather than tanned. The pizza was definitely a plus, and the drink I had when I went home, was a perfect ending to a long day.
I make enough, but it feels like they take so much more in taxes and everything. The only person I support though, is me. Cost of living keeps rising though, and so do prices, so it honestly isn't enough, and the job should definitely pay more than it does for all the stuff we deal with. I keep thinking about doing online schooling, I tried college and made it through two years fine, but I ended up in a really bad depression my third year, and basically dropped off the face of the earth. I'm sure if she feels like she can manage it, then she should go for it.
It's crazy that it disappears??? Like where does it all go????? I'm fairly certain you get all of mine. I'm hopeful that once I finally get myself on track and back to saving that there will still be some good houses available. Preferably in one of the better areas with less crime, but as long as I love the house then I'll be fine. I'm really more in the market for one that I will live in for 10+ years, and not one that will be a just-till-the-mortgage-is-paid-off one.
I don't understand that. I don't understand how people can react in violence to things they don't understand or don't like. If you scare me, like jump out and frighten me scare me, I may react with violence, but my first instinct is not violence to things I don't like or understand. Yeah Law Enforcement didn't handle it very well in the cities were the protests turned into riots. And yeah the whole "It's a hoax, but this protects you from it" has never made sense to me. Either it's a hoax and you won't get sick, or you need to wear a mask, get the vaccine and social distance to protect yourself. Pick one.
Maybe the address on it that it was supposed to go to was wrong? IDK. I know I need to get registered period. I don't think that we have online voting in Texas unfortunately. And so far it's been good. I'm glad to see Biden overturning a lot of the removals for the environmental protections and putting those back into place. Trust me I know it was bad with Trump/Pence, which makes the fact that I know plenty of good people who supported them, insane to me and incomprehensible. Honestly I don't think Melania Trump likes him very much. Also I couldn't stand listening to him talk at all. I couldn't even stand to watch more than a few news videos of him talking. He didn't know what he was talking about, and I don't understand why he was voted for in the first place. The dude is a broke and bankrupt millionaire. He ran his businesses into the toilet.
I work at a police/fire department as a dispatcher. Not even on the front lines, but I'm 85% certain I have PTSD from some of the things I've heard both on the phone answering 911 and non emergency lines and what I've heard on the radio from officers. Thankfully in the time I've worked here, we've only had one instance where an officer had to shoot a dog, and that was because the dog had literally bitten the office
luvmiroku123 Report | 02/06/2021 1:54 am
Life gets crazy sometimes. It happens.

With the seniority I currently have, unless I am told that I HAVE to go to a different shift I will stay on the night shift. The only reason I would willingly move is if a certain supervisor that I cannot STAND came to the shift. Fingers crossed that never happens. Yeah I got the $600 and it helped to cover some overdraft I had going on. That of course helped me get caught back up as well. I did not kiss anyone, I feel that would have been awkward XD Unfortunately I think our management would frown if we had an actual legit party with alcohol, but we didn't have any non-alcoholic beverages either. But our administrative management at the top of the food chain supplied us with pizza! Which was awesome. I did have a drink when I went home though.

I make around $45,000 in gross earnings. After taxes and everything is taken out though it really drops down to around $32,000. So yeah I would like to be able to put a bigger down payment down, so I can have smaller monthly payments over all. I also really would prefer to have about $15,000 to $25,000 saved including the $10,000 for the down payment, so I can buy any electronics/household items I need and so I can pay the closing costs and all the other fees that are needed. I've really got to buckle down if I want to be able to buy a house in the next year or so. Which is hard because when I feel down I like to buy things to make me happy. Which I really need to stop doing. Housing is cheaper, mostly because what is up for sale is older homes built in the late 20s to 90s, anything newly built is over $150,000 for what I would want. And there is no way I can afford that at all.

I hate that the USA became so divided the last four years. Like I know it was bad. I've seen some s**t, but people just became more "in your face" about it all. Like the BLM movement was overall peaceful protesting, and the violence came from other people's reactions to it, or how police handled it (and they didn't handle it well at all in 90% of the cases). If anything they did property damage, but I don't recall hearing anything about them threatening to harm anyone like these people did. So many people have been caught already, and are facing prosecution and legal troubles over their actions. Like how did they think they were going to get away with it???? Trump supporters are over all just stupid. At the same time, a lot of my family voted for him, and I just have a hard time understanding why they did. I didn't get registered to vote in time to be able to vote, but I would have voted Biden/Harris. Trump/Pence have done more harm than good for the country in my opinion.

The police responses were outrageous. Watching some of the videos that came out of the events? I cried. I had to stop because of the brutality going on with the peaceful protesters. There is always another option than reacting with force. The ONLY time it is even sort of acceptable is if the person who is harmed, has harmed/killed others or is actively trying to harm others. Like cases where officers announce themselves, and repeatedly try to get the person to cooperate and put down the weapon and the person refuses and starts charging at the officers/bystanders. And even then I would say you can always shoot for a less lethal spot. What upset me on the capitol police response, was that there were officers inside and a few outside who were trying to help the senators and keep them safe, but there were just as many who were outside that weren't, and there were law enforcement personnel from other places who were there WITH the rioters. I just don't understand it.

How can anyone watch wrong being done and not do anything about it?

Also I think you forgot to finish your thought there at the end? "No Miss Luvmiroku, these "

luvmiroku123 Report | 01/13/2021 1:47 am
You're fine. I figured it was something like that, so I wasn't super worried yet.

I've honestly worked it for so long that I don't really know any other way to be? Like if I work any overtime and it's daylight outside (like sun has risen or hasn't set yet) I feel a bit like a vampire because it makes my eyes hurt, and is just odd to me to be awake and about at that point in time. I am slowly but surely getting caught back up on my finances. Steady pace wins the race and all that. My holidays were great! I'm sorry you had to party alone, I actually worked on New Year's Eve, so I rang in 2021 with my coworkers who were at work with me. Most everyone on my shift had actually taken the holiday off (we get to pick our top holiday pick out of the three big ones, and most people on my shift chose to take the 30th and 31st off) so it was a lot of people from the other shifts. Housing isn't super expensive here, but a lot of the good houses that are cheap have already been snapped up by other people. I've still got to save at least $10,000 for the down payment on a mortgage and closing costs. I'm not super picky about what I want in a house, but still picky enough. I want a 3 bed so I can have family and friends stay the night and not have to have a hotel, and so that I can have a library/craft room. The other three things I want are: decent size kitchen, decent size backyard, and parking that is not on the street.

It was out of this world to wake up to the news that people had stormed the capitol building. I honestly couldn't understand what they were thinking! And for Trump to have basically egged them on and incited them into doing it?!?!?! He's made us a laughingstock. I heard a lot of people talking about it and saying that facial recognition had it placed as ANTIFA people and not actually people who supported Trump, which strikes me as a bit ridiculous. Not to mention the failure of any law enforcement outside of those who were already at the capitol to respond in any sort of force. Especially with all the force that was put forward during the BLM protesting over the summer. I don't understand the mindset of people who are unable to realize that what they are saying is either offensive, wrong, or both! I want to tell them they need to find their filter!

Yay! I'm glad you're comfortable enough to tell me! I sometimes can tell when someone is Trans at least, but 95% of the time, I assume they are whatever gender they are presenting themselves as. It sounds like you have a plan to make yourself more comfortable at the least, and who cares what other people think anyway? One of my favorite quotes is that those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. Also female clothing can be really fun! Not that men clothing can't be, but women have a lot of variety in clothing styles that men don't.

Yeah. It's something I've more recently been able to label. I'm not interested in romantic relationships either I don't think. I haven't quite figured it out yet. It feels more like a lot of work and energy to have a romantic relationship, than the familial and platonic ones I have already with my family and friends. Which means that I generally stay away from romantic entanglements of any kind. Mostly I'm not terribly great at being social in real life sweatdrop and that tends to flow over into people's views of me. So although I've tried romantic relationships, I just don't communicate well within them and don't like to deal with other people's expectations in any from or fashion. My family is slowly sort-of coming to terms with the fact that I am happy without a romantic relationship, but it is slow going.

She is a pretty cute kiddo. That excuse drives me nuts! Kids are so much smarter than people expect, and understand so much more than people think too. And that is very true. XD

luvmiroku123 Report | 11/26/2020 11:34 pm
I remember that you had told me that you had a family member you lived with (or they lived with you?) I couldn't remember who though. I'm happy to know y'all are staying safe! I know I definitely don't want to catch it because of how my job is treating it if you do. 

I do. But I also work night shift, so that factors in. Along with my job being short staffed, and it being the holiday season, it's alllll the overtime. Which I'm fairly ok with. I take a lot of it because I made some bad financial decisions earlier this year and have been struggling to get caught up. Once I do though, I'm going to start saving up for a house of my own. I've lived in the same small one bedroom apartment for five years and I really want some more space.
Sometimes it is difficult, and yet it seems easier to just cut off contact and try to disappear. I know that there was a whole lot of people who wound up injured during all the protesting, and I'm not certain it'll get any better or stop anytime soon. Our country seems to be extremely divided right now, possibly worse than it has ever been. All we can do is hope and pray to the higher powers that it all goes well. This year has definitely been hell. All around and for most everybody.

Sounds like their loss honestly! And I can't remember if you told me you were intersex, but I definitely understand wanting to get the hormones leveled out. I know I fall somewhere on the Asexual area of the LGBTQ+ group, because I have no interest in having sex 90% of the time, but hormones are a b***h the other 10% and I only have to deal with being a female. I can only imagine how much more of a pain it is to fluctuate between the two. If getting the surgery will make you happier with yourself, by all means I say go for it. If others can't get behind it then screw them. Not to mention I think more and more people are cross dressing anyway, so eh.

That's what I think too. I mean he has a daughter that he carried, and so one of his mom's arguments was that it would confuse his daughter. Ummm no. He told me recently that she's been telling people that address him as her that "my mom's a boy". Which is absolutely adorable. He also proposed to his boyfriend and he said yes, so that's going good for him and I am so thrilled for them! I have to bite my tongue and my lips when I get stuck around anti-trans people. Especially if I'm at work. Or even people who are just like "I don't understand" because I know I can't really calmly talk about it, as I don't understand what is so [i]hard[/i] to understand about the topic of LGBTQ+ people. They aren't confused, they don't just "need to meet the right guy/girl", they simply need to be accepted and loved. Which honestly once I get to know someone, that's not hard for me to do. I feel the same way about religion. Don't try to shove your feelings/beliefs down my throat and we will get along just fine.

That's nuts to me too! If you're going to claim to be "wheel chair friendly" then you need to be fully so. At my college they had an elevator in each building with more than one floor whether up or down, and the only ones who could use them were those who were in a wheel chair or who were injured.
I just prefer to not have to deal with someone who is constantly asking where I am or what I am doing, or making outrageous accusations. Most of my friends I keep up with through social media anyway, but I don't really have time for someone who wants to take [b]all[/b] of my time. I've got a fabulous family that I want to spend time with too. My niece is eight now, and my nephew is 1! These are the times I want to spend with them. Soon enough they'll be too "old" or "grown up" to want to spend time with their aunt. People as a whole tend to drive me nuts anyway, plus I've seen the best and the worst of people and relationships with my job too.

I'm a big believer in doing whatever you want with hair. It's hair, you can always dye it or cut it and it will eventually grow out
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