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Hello Darlings!
My Name is Luv, or you are welcome to call me Jackie.
I am 26, single.
Brunette, blue eyes, more to love.
I have an adorable Niece, Nephew, Goddaughter, and Godson. All of whom, I love very much.
I have a dog, and a cat. They are my fur babies.
I enjoy reading, writing, crafting, music and wine.
I like gardening also, but I have a tiny little patio attached to my little apartment.
INFJ For the win. Also SLYTHERIN! YES!
I love both Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland.
Nothing quite beats the sound of artists on a record.
I enjoy such artists as: Home Free, Pentatonix, Todrick Hall, P!nk, Meghan Trainor, Ed Sheeran, George Strait, Lady Gaga, Peter Hollens,
Lake Street Dive, The Script, Adele, Five for Fighting, Tori Kelly, Imagine Dragons, Scores by Harry Gregson-Williams,
The Civil Wars, Kacey Musgraves, Bette Middler, Reba, Sam Smith, Eminem, The Pretty Reckless,
and various movie soundtracks along with Broadway music, classic and Jazz. I'm pretty eclectic.

If you feel there is something else you absolutely must converse with me about, shoot me a comment or a PM.

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Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan Report | 03/06/2021 8:43 pm
Part 3. We understand it is probably very terrible working listening to all of the terrible things you must hear... We had another friend (she poofed a while back) who worked the same job fur a few years, and it was hard, especially when children would call and report domestic abuse. She would also go annoyed when someone would call, then like 20 seconds later call back and harass her because no one has showed up yet. Mean we get it, you need help, but cars ONLY go so fast, and even then... it isn't like the police station is right next to everyone. We are glad you only has one instance of a doggy being shot. Tha makes us feel a lot better actually.

Sorry fur the late reply, we are still behind on Imbolc presents... Also we just got into a new relationship, and we are getting a lot of judgments fur it. The boy we are dating is 18. He is still a legal adult, but there is a little bit of an age gap between us. He found us on one of our dating sites, he messaged us first, we didn't look at his age or wha ever, you have to be at least 18 to be on the site so we knew he was an adult, we talked we got along. He was on our profile so he knew our age and was fine with it. We started dating a few days ago and a lot of our friends are being terrible about it. He is a very nice boy, so far we like being together. Out of like 20 people, we have two friends who said "age is just a number, after all you are both adults" and "tha age gap isn't really tha big after you both get older". Dunno, we do like him, but we cannot help but wonder if we should break up just because of the whole age thing.
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan Report | 03/06/2021 8:41 pm
Part 2. Well the address fur our ballot was prefilled out and prepaid fur stamp wise. Oh you are in Texas?! We are SO Sorry! We were reading all about how Texas had no power and was freezing and little humans died and many are still without food and water! We hope you are alright Miss Luvmiroku!!!

We know wha you mean... a lot of our relatives are Trump supporters too, they used to be Pence supports but since Pence flipped after being attacked during the storming at the capital, now they think he is a traitor. We are so confused on everything.... we don't even ask our relatives anymore, the loops and hoops they go threw in their heads to figure out point A to point B we cannot follow at all. It makes no sense. It is kind of sad, but yeah we agree with you, we do not think Melania Trump likes Trump very much, but he also left her behind, talked s**t about her, left her behind in the rain while he had the only umbrella, wouldn't even let her walk besides him, and said he wouldn't care if she was deported. Hahaha it is funny you mention tha though, because we live in the Palm Springs Area, by the Spotlight 21 Casino tha used to be called Trump 21, but he embezzled out of it and ran it so badly they almost closed it down, so the local natives kicked him out of the business and now the Casino is doing great. XD

We know everyone hates Trump, but a small part of us feel sorry fur him, he's stupid and hateful... being so hateful of yourself and your life... he talks about illegal immigrants and anchor babies... all of his past wives are immigrants, none of them, not even Melania has actual full legal citizenship (apart from being married), so all of his babies are anchor babies. Both of Trumps parents were immigrants, most of the staff he employees are undocumented immigrants tha he underpays, most of his products are made in China... Trump is literally everything he hates. It has to be very sad and lonely to hate yourself so much, you brainwash a large chunk of a country to attack/hate people just like you.... Like how Hitler's dad was Jewish, his mom was a gypsy, he was gay... and he sure as s**t wasn't a blue eyed blonde. It is just sad... hating yourself so much you convince thousands to attack/hate others tha are like you. We're not saying such humans deserve leniency or anything, especially after everything they have done, but still.
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan Report | 03/06/2021 8:40 pm
Part 1. Yeah alright, your replies are being cut off too. We should switch to PM's. Officer was cut to Office, and we're sure there was more past tha...

It is cool to celebrate wha ever you want! Some people are raised in a religion, they don't agree with a lot of it, but just don't go with those parts, some change religions all together, but wha ever you do, we hope it works out fur you. Awwww Happy Belated Birthed Day to your brother! There is no rush in finding a faith tha best fits you, maybe you will never find one, maybe you can make your own? At some point all religions were made up by someone, right? Awwwww tha makes us want to make you one even more!
We're a night owl, but being photosensitive being a night owl is really the only thing tha works fur us.
We are with you on tha, it does feel like they take too much in taxes fur those who already struggle. Everyone relies very heavily on the working middle and lower working classes to keep society functioning, Working and working, almost everyone we know works more than one job, it is never enough, and seems to take more than it should. At least you only have to support yourself though. Still it would be nice to get enough monies to support a pet or maybe a non-sexual non-romantic best friend/domestic partner? Or just enough to take a vacation some time or something. Sorry you were really depressed, moreso we were sorry you just poofed and tha we were not there to help you through it.

Things we don't understand don't make angry or violent, fur us purrsonally we feel motivated, curious, we push ourself more because we want to know more! Haha but yes, if someone startles you and your instincts kick in you may have a little of a violent reaction, but tha is the whole fear fur your life self defense thing, which is way different from wha everyone else is doing. The it is a hoax thing is making us crazy, apparently there are large groups of humans burning masks in Idaho. Like really? Wha are they proving? Wasting money on masks someone else can use... showing everyone how stupid they are... causing pollution, and breathing in the smoke from the masks... They are hurting themselves in four different ways, we just do not get it.
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan Report | 02/19/2021 1:07 am
Part 3. We registered to vote, and voted, but our paper came back from the mail. We're not sure why? So we voted online. Honestly we wanted to vote fur Andrew Yang or Bernie Sanders, but... obviously wasn't going to risk it. So... yeah. Biden/Harries. So far we are glad. First females in higher places (it feels like it should have happened years ago) and LGBT+ rights back in place (still more to go), animal and environmental purrtections. It is a good start. We understand the basis of Facts VS Opinions, but at this point it is a pretty incontestable fact tha Trump/Pence would have done more harm than good fur the country. BEFUR the virus Employment Rates were record low, over 10 species went extinct in only 4 years, dozens of others went to critically dangered, air and water quality dropped, sexual assault crimes rose over 40% (most directly claiming the president said it was okay), hate crimes rose, hundreds of thousands were starving while there were rich humans literally eating and drinking food/beverages with real gold flakes, silver flakes, and diamond flecks, debt collectors were becoming millionaires, the US had several new trillionaires, homelessness sky rocketed, several supportive things (everything from school grants to food stamps) had cuts (meals on wheels had to be picked up by individual states), mass shootings rose, school shootings rose, domestic terrorism rose, police violence rose, LGBT+ violence rose, murder rates rose heavily in several more rual red states, war related deaths are up 200%.... and way more. No matter how you slice it, political views aside Trump/Pence do more harm then good. Even Pence agrees with tha and Trump's own wife didn't vote fur him the second time around so... yeah.

We know how you feel about the police response and the violence. America needs to be like the rest of the civilized world and train their police to use non-lethal force. Especially towards the mentally disabled and service dogs. Like really? Shooting Autistic Children just because they are Autistic. Shooting Service Dogs tha are not even barking or doing anything just because they are dogs and 'could attack'. Shooting children fur being black. Just... the list is endless.
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan Report | 02/19/2021 1:03 am
Part 2. We do hope you get the place you want. We know things are expensive, and you may not get the house you want, but getting a house even if it isn't your dream house is a good start! We know we would love a cute little house with a big room just fur books... and another room just fur kitties!

We know exactly wha you mean about the 'in your face' thing. A few months befur Trump became president, during his whole campaigning thing, a lot of humans started getting really outwardly aggressive with us. Most humans dislike us fur being different, but besides some passive aggressive muttering stuff about us or 'accidently' bumping into us, now it is just full on yelling in our face fur just being there, or having red hats thrown at us, and other stuff we won't mention on Gaia, but everyone has been very savage. The BLM was a peaceful protest, the violence and rioting tha happened during it was originally caused by the 'Proud Boys', they proudly bragged about it several times. Saying s**t like how they joined the protests to undermine them and break up the peaceful protests and incite violence and have everyone turn on each other and blah blah blah. They have the direct quotes somewhere. Even when Police came, and started hurting everyone. Groups of peaceful protestors came together to help each other. There was a disabled veteran tha had his fake legs stolen by the police because they thought it was funny, several of the BLM protesters fought the police and were beaten severely while trying to get the poor guy's legs back. The police handled everything terribly. Trump supporters are all over stupid. We have some in the family, even after getting the virus they still are trying to argue the whole thing was just a hoax. Our stupid Trumper Aunt even was hospitalized fur drinking bleach because Trump apparently swore it 'kills the virus' which yeah it does, but it kills you too. Dunno if she died or not because we haven't talked since we told her she was stupid fur drinking bleach to purrtect her from a virus tha is nothing more than a hoax. Pick a lane. Either the virus is a hoax, or it isn't. You can't not wear a mask and argue the whole thing is the liberal government's way of keeping you at home, but then claim you need to eat/drink certain things to keep you safe from the same virus.
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan Report | 02/19/2021 12:51 am
Part 1
Imbolc started on the 1st and ended on the 14th! We hope you had a great Holiday! We do not know if you Celebrate Imbolc or Valentine's day being tha you are Aromantic and Asexual, but Imbolc is about all types of Love, friends, family, nature, so it is something you can do if you decide you want to. We are actually still working on some late Imbolc gifts... Sewing everything by paw takes furever. OH We can make you a thingy too if you'd like? It will take a few days fur us to finish it though...

We get wha you mean. Everyone we ask tha is more of a Night Owl LOVES their night shift and does not want to change. Our mom used to love the night shift and swing shift too. $600 helped us a lot as well. Hahaha kissing a coworker may make things more than awkward so we get tha hahaha XD Awwwwwwwwww it is sweet tha they gave you all pizza! Hehe a drink at home is better anyway~ tha way you do not have to drive back home after a drink.

Holy Furballs. You make a TON of money. Well, not a ton, but you make a lot more than most (not all) of our friends. One good job is better than several shitty jobs. We are happy to know things are going well fur you! Our female Besty Miss Ellie makes a lot, but is going to quit her job soon so she can go back to school fur another degree. We support her, but we worry about how not having a job will be with everything going on right now.

You know wha? The last few messages we sent to you seem to have been cut off... We do not remember wha we were saying, but yes a big chunk of our reply to you is missing. We are going to break up our messages to make sure you get it all.
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan Report | 01/19/2021 9:08 pm
Well we are glad we didn't leave you super worried! Sorry still, we didn't think things would get so crazy. Actually, meow, tha is a lie. We knew this s**t was a long time coming.

Awwwww.... well if it works fur you we hope you get to mostly work the Nightshift! Everyone is different! It is good you are getting caught up on your finances, did you get tha $600 they gave out? We were in the hole so it helped a little. Taking our cat to the vet once just sort of cleaned us out. All of our moving money, but moving right now is even harder than ever, fur us anyway. Yaaaaaaay! We are glad you had a great Holiday! Hehehe partying with co-workers actually sounds pretty fun! Did you kiss the first person you saw when midnight hit? Tha is like an old tradition. We gave our little kitty a kissy on the head, since... no one else around XD Did you get any drinks fur the New Year? Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic? Did you get any special treat or pie or wha ever to celebrate? Maybe little poppers tha get confetti everywhere and take hours to clean up and even afterwards fur weeks on end you still manage to find little confetti pieces in random places?

At least housing is much cheaper where you are, here it gets more and more expensive. A lot of the good houses have been snapped up, but hopefully you can still get a good one! There has to be a nice one out there just fur you! Damn $10,000 JUST fur a down payment? We don't even make tha a year, like by a full $1,000. Damn Miss Luvmiroku, we hope you make a LOT of money and housing where you live is at least half as cheap as the cheaper ones here... Your idea does sound nice though, 3 bedrooms, a library/craft room (god we love books...) a nice size kitchen and backyard. It sounds like a good start. Maybe if we become a stripper who works 7 days a week and then eventually we may be able to rent a one bedroom apartment somewhere in a decent city XD

Man... Miss Luvmiroku, when we woke up tha day, BEFUR even getting UP and out of bed, we were still snuggled into our blankies with our kitties sleeping on us when we were getting screamed at by our Grandma about liberals making them look bad "when they were all doing the exact same thing over the BLM 'riots'", BUT but.... and we quote "At least the republicans were standing up for something". Yeah. It was one hell of a week. We aren't even surprised, it happened later than we expected, but we saw it coming. Mean they have been threatening to kill people, hang people, shoot them, during the first election they said if Hillary won and Trump lost, they would storm the Capital and burn it down and tons of other s**t. We're gay, in liberal California, and we've STILL been seeing this psychos act psycho to us straight out every time we go out fur the past four years, so nothing is surprising. At all. It is surprising we haven't beaten anyone to death yet though. Keeping our cool. It IS funny though! If those Trump supporters just wore masks like they should have, it might have been easier to hide who they were XD Instead of going in, guns blazing, no masks, and actually POSTING VIDEO AND FOOTAGE OF THEMSELVES. Mean we knew these people where stupid with Earth being flat and the moon being fake, but DAMN. All new levels of stupidity. I pisses us off through, we had a lot of friends and relatives at the BLM Protests some who died, others were severely wounded by police, they showed us some of the films they took, they were holding hands and waving signs, doing NOTHING when the police charged them. The police stole a disabled man's fake leg and BEAT him with it fur just peacefully protesting. Or the little old ladies tha were marching in support of Cancer tha the police not only used excessive force on, tackling some and pepper spraying others... Yet a group of people actually charge the capital of our country and the police not only welcome them with open arms, but take selfies with them and help walk them down the stairs?

No Miss Luvmiroku, these
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan Report | 01/07/2021 10:05 pm

Sorry fur the super late reply, Holiday + Virus + Not really being active on Gaia = late reply. We apologize fur the late reply. Wow our reply is really late.... we are really sorry. :cat_crying:
Our mom lives with us, we take care of her.

Do you enjoy working the night shift? We know tha some people really purrfur the night shift, but some hate it. We are sorry things have not been financially great fur you, some bad financial decisions aren't bad in the moment, but then things change, like a pandemic... There is really only so much you could have done. We do hope you do get caught up, and we hope your Holidays were good! (1/1/2021) 2020 is FINALLY overrrrrrr. We partied like CRAZY last night, sadly, it was a One-Meow Party :cat_XD: Social Distancing and all, we just had to purrtend it was more fun than it actually was. We hope you manage to get a place of your own! We are trying to get a place too, but not on our own obviously, we have to take our mom with us. - We don't HAVE to, but we will. We're not sure how Housing is where you live, but with the Virus prices on everything have been super crazy, maybe you can buy a nice little house fur very cheap?

Honestly, today (1/7/2021) we did cut off contact to a lot of different family members. We have been juggling everything the past couple months and after yesterday with after the whole taking over the Capital, all we have heard from a lot of our Relatives was how the liberal media is trying to make the Right Side look bad, and how 'everyone knows it was just trannies angry over not being allowed to be perverts in the girl's bathroom'. Honestly, it was so ******** funny and stupid, but we couldn't even laugh at it.... This was it fur us, we've been as supportive and kind, and silent as possible. It is 2021 now, we're not going to take this s**t anymore. We're done, we don't care who we have to cut ties with anymore. We even left a friend we've been friends with fur 8 years, we're so over it all. We've heard it all. :cat_burning:

Well, if we didn't tell you were are Intersex *Blows party horn and throws bio-degradable confetti at you* Congratulations now you know! We're Intersex! :cat_mrgreen: Hehe, actually it sucks a lot, no one can tell the difference between Intersex and Trans, and we are supportive of Trans individual (friends with many, dated a few, even have family who are), but we're not Trans. We keep being asked wha gender we're going to be, we're Biologically both, so why do we have to have surgery to be just one? But then again... it will be so much less stressful to just be full one or the other and no longer be harassed everywhere we go. We have most of the 'male parts', and yeah we use mostly him/his and wear guys clothes, but we still like crossdressing. So... yeah, we are going to have our one enlarged ovary removed and hope tha helps are hormonal level. We're still XXXY so there are unfurseen things tha can happen. Wha ever though, 2021 now, we're over it. Letting it all just go. Letting it flooowww awaaaaayyy~ :cat_cool:

Oohhh you are Asexual? Tha makes a lot of sense actually! We figured you were but we didn't want to assume anything. Do you do romantic relationships tha are non-sexual, or do you skip the whole thing all together? We know a lot of Asexuals still date because... well, just because you do not want sex doesn't mean you have to be alone furever. We've dated a lot of Asexuals, and a lot of them end up dating each other because there is no sexual tension or pressure most of the time. We also know some Asexuals who purrform oral fur their romantic partner so as to keep them happy without having to actually, ya know? Not tha you need to tell us wha you do either way! Sorry if tha was invasive! :cat_sweat:

Awwww... her mom's a boy, tha is adorable! :cat_whee: Everyone uses kids as a reason to discriminate like "Oh kids won't understand... wha will we tell them?" Well... none of us argued the Fat Man in red always watching us and kno
Lawaysa Report | 11/27/2020 3:47 am
You're welcome and Thanks.🙂
Lawaysa Report | 11/15/2020 1:27 pm
Awe Cute Fairy.🙂

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