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Hello,Welcome to my profile,My Name Is Lawaysa,Nice to meet u. I like making new friends but all the prev's can stay away cause i'm not all into that.I like helping ppl who need help when i can and I will not help those keep asking over and over after I have help u once. If u wanna know anything about me feel free to asked and if i feel comfty answering I will.

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Vlad Vampire King Report | 01/08/2023 2:45 am
Vlad Vampire King
Vlad Vampire King Report | 01/07/2023 8:03 am
Vlad Vampire King
I have Discord but honestly I cant even remember the damn login info for it.
Vlad Vampire King Report | 01/07/2023 5:33 am
Vlad Vampire King
Exactly but now a days people in Me Alex and Cheys age group are on drugs or having kids when they don't need them. emotion_facepalm rolleyes

I told him this the other day when your b***h leaves you don't come thinking I'm letting you move back in with me with your sorry free loading a**. He loses more jobs than he can keep because of listening to that ding bat GF of his and they're talking about getting married in June or July this year.

I told the kids what you said and Rose Said hey Grandma guess what I got in school? *psst* Don't let her know it but she got an award for being a good reader and since she was nice all week long in school her teacher let her get a gift out the treasure box in school she bought home a Mini mouse coloring book and new crayons and Is sitting at the table trying to teach her little cousin how to color in the lines its the funniest yet cutest thing because she just told him dogs aren't blue silly and he went but Bluey and Blues clues are and she's like oh yeah you're right ima color this puppy red like Clifford. While Brendon Is watching some weird show on Rootle aka the PBS kids channel called Adventure cat or something all I know is the damn cat goes around yelling tally hooo and looks like a cheep version of puss in boots.
Vlad Vampire King Report | 01/06/2023 4:11 am
Vlad Vampire King
You might as well say I'm taking care of his 2 kids and my own daughter. I get them up early every morning for kindergarten & Pre-K for the youngest one and I told him If you don't want them just sign over custody to me & let me raise them as mine because as of late they both seem more closer to dear old Unkey Vlad than their own father. The youngest one can't even stand his own dad & Brendan lord that boy may like MLP but Alex gf or whatever better leave that child & his Pinkie Pie pillow alone.

PS. I told Alex to get his s**t and get out my home if he cares about some girl than his own 2 kids, brother or no brother he really needs help.
Vlad Vampire King Report | 01/05/2023 5:08 am
Vlad Vampire King
On New years everyone who showed up to watch the ball drop mostly was drinking and the boys kept crying because they had the TV to loud & can you believe Alex showed with gifts for the boys but they where cheap dollar tree toys, Yet he got his crazy girlfriend a damn new I-phone for Christmas.
Vlad Vampire King Report | 01/03/2023 4:47 am
Vlad Vampire King
My Christmas was actually better than my new years.
Vlad Vampire King Report | 01/01/2023 6:50 pm
Vlad Vampire King
I agree with you on that one & you're very welcome!
Vlad Vampire King Report | 12/18/2022 11:08 am
Vlad Vampire King
Damn that's ******** up hopefully you can get a new stove or the one you have fixed soon. As for the Christmas Holiday's I'm hoping they go better than Thanksgiving went but knowing my luck it won't. Knowing my brother he'll probably buried under Kim's a** or whatever the hell her ******** name is a** so far that he could probably tell you what the exact scent her fart is this Christmas. He ruined the boys Thanksgiving told them he'd be back to spend time with them etc. and wasn't back home till 4 in the damn morning the next day. stressed

Also here's hoping Your Christmas is Merry & Your New Years is a good one. biggrin
Vlad Vampire King Report | 12/18/2022 10:47 am
Vlad Vampire King
I honestly don't know what's wrong with him & yeah It was okay but sadly I had so many left overs from all the cooking I did that I had to give most of it to our dogs and the cats seemed to have enjoyed the stuffing Rose gave them. lol
Elventin Report | 12/17/2022 10:11 am
i just wish people would treat them like people use they got problems and I am sure most people are an addition to coffee like no one treats people poorly yet coffee is more addition then coke cane but hey can`t change people over night lol


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