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Anime Alisha Report | 02/04/2018 10:26 am
Thanks for the buy and nice profile ^^
Svari Report | 12/28/2017 1:42 pm
Yeah it does! its the perfect messy bun
Svari Report | 12/28/2017 1:38 pm
Oh! that one is Treat Yo Self but with the ciel scissors to take off the ribbon
Svari Report | 12/28/2017 1:34 pm
Do you mean on my current avatar? It's Somber Moth emotion_kirakira
gunpowder and snow Report | 07/20/2017 2:19 pm
How are you~ Up to anything interesting?
gunpowder and snow Report | 07/20/2017 11:18 am
Why thank you~!
Jisen Meizuki Report | 07/19/2017 2:02 pm
*pats you*

This is why people are migrating out of Photobucket to find better image hosting websites. sweatdrop
Jisen Meizuki Report | 07/19/2017 1:38 pm
Photobucket loading slow as snail, dumping ads to make funding, and oh yeah, random you to pay 300 or more dollars if you want to host your images on third party website.

I know. It sucks. ;3;
Jisen Meizuki Report | 07/19/2017 12:11 pm
Dunno if you know this, but Photobucket censors your siggy.
Arowan Report | 04/19/2017 1:17 pm
I'm glad you like my item! emotion_bigheart