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Tifa Lockhart Report | 09/19/2023 10:06 am
Tifa Lockhart
Thank you, Tifa! emotion_kirakira Lady Saxophone really outdid herself, I highly recommend her if you're looking to commission someone graphics or coding. 3nodding
Lucif Ignum Report | 07/18/2023 1:21 pm
Lucif Ignum
god i love tifa
Squall Leonharted Report | 07/04/2023 10:22 am
Squall Leonharted
Thankya ^ ^ I've been changing it up for a while now, gradually making it better and better. Your avi looks good as well 3nodding
Noble Link Report | 06/19/2023 9:11 pm
Noble Link
hoy there! emotion_brofist
IcePrincess_123 Report | 05/26/2023 11:03 pm
awwuh why you hide?? xd Shy? x3
IcePrincess_123 Report | 05/25/2023 8:23 pm
awwuh does "the comment remains again~" crossed out mean you no longer think dat? D: or am i misinterpreting xd
IcePrincess_123 Report | 05/25/2023 7:07 am
haha this is belated af but tysm for that compliment ;D aha emotion_bigheart
Yue Sagara Report | 05/24/2023 7:36 am
Yue Sagara
Noble Link Report | 05/23/2023 3:16 pm
Noble Link
nice nice and yeah that makes sense. I think I thought of this but never looked too deeply into it but
our avis really do become almost sprite-like artworks of the characters we make LOL. I can see it being
such a big help to someone who wants to make sprite versions but has little resources for em
Noble Link Report | 05/23/2023 1:44 pm
Noble Link
that score stuff you just mentioned is very odd though, hard to say it's a mjor coincidence.
noticed frequent high placements and really good cosplays getting shunned down. to be fair,
the Tifa probably got overlooked cus it didn't have a background and that's likely the 'meta' of arenas
right now where people think half the cosplay is its background. anyway I think the Tifa's great and
of course really iconic. there's these figures on enix's site and they have Tifa and it looked really nice.
I'm not an FF guy but I did like her design

but anywho, really appreciate the support on my diddy! like I said I just changed my mindset after the voting cheats
going on last year and stopped caring so much. let the cheaters expose themselves. I'm too old to care honestly
and maybe they need that totally authentic win for a hit of dopamine lol. I look forward to seeing unique or nice cosplays
when i'm not on, or impressing or bringing back memories for others when I do submit something, and it seems like you
and a few others like the entry so my job is done! 🤷‍♂️lol

I got accused of cheating too (on my Mythra entry) which was pretty upsetting. the week before I was accused of downvoting
an entry to uplift mine. I was willing and still am willing to let a mod investigate my account if they'd like to verify, it would actually
make me glad if they did. I think the person wasn't cheating themself, they were just upset they got pushed down and thought it was
me doing the pushing. this is why I think making voted users with the vote-stars given shown, as well as banning mules from voting

sorry for typing so much, trying to get the point across as thoroughly as possible. it seems like im complaining a lot but really I stopped
caring for arenas a while ago. it's one of the biggest reasons im still on this site, just to make avis so it was a disappointment to see it
turn back to what it was in like 2014-2017 era. it mostly bothers me in regards to NEW people entering wanting to have fun



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