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Well, hello there~~ ... please call me Nevrae. Whether in a female or male form, I am a vessel that enjoys serving my prince... but when out of his court, I wander around, seeking to learn and share stories.

That which brings calm and purpose: Jyotish Vedic Astrology, Nature, Mushi-shi, Nausicaa Valley of the Wind.

Make me lose hope with: destruction, gore, bullies, pollution.


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"Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don't find out til too late that he's been playing with two queens all along".
Terry Pratchett


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diefoxdie Report | 05/13/2021 10:32 pm
The quote in your siggy is so striking *^* Where does it come from?
Akibrino Report | 03/15/2021 1:34 pm
Hi Prince!
Kitty-Gundz Report | 03/08/2021 5:34 pm
*Ohmu*. not omhu gonk
Kitty-Gundz Report | 03/08/2021 5:31 pm
Definitely check it out :O it's become another of my top favorite stories/manga of all time. Whatever you adore in the Nausicaa movie, it's that but crank up the mystery, the creepiness, the tension, sadness, and wonder all the way up. I've read it quite a few times, and each time I read it, I come away with a different meaning. Hope I'm not over hyping it sweatdrop I do genuinely just love Nausicaa so much *cries in Omhu*
Do you still have the link to that interview? I'd be interested in reading it haha
Kitty-Gundz Report | 03/07/2021 7:11 pm
Sorry came to stalk your profile lol. You like Mononoke AND Nausicaa??

Mononoke: I know you'r talking about that surreal-styled supernatural/mystery anime right? I actually havent watch the anime... i finally should! I've only seen the OVA "Bakeneko", seen that?
Nausicaa: I love this manga and the movie to pieces. Have you read the manga?
Oh just in case you're actually talking about the Ghibli Princess Mononoke, I also adore that one as well haha. I feel so in awe about all of these eek
n o i r i s t Report | 02/19/2021 5:10 pm
I am just replying to your PM but I couldn't wait to say: thank you so much for the candy hearts and Hearty Harvest! mrgreen
You are very generous!
Potassa Report | 02/16/2021 3:41 pm
Nice avi! heart

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