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Life is a wonderful entanglement of people and contradictions. Why not relax and enjoy it all~?



Just a bit of info on me:

I'm back~! And some things have definitely changed.
I'm a 28 year old college graduate trying to make it post-graduation xD
(This will likely become incorrect eventually. I suck at keeping it updated, anymore sweatdrop )

I love using emoticons....I might use them a bit too often. (^w^; )
I love anime and the Japanese language, but I wouldn't say I'm as obsessed as I was in my teenage years.
I'm also very partial to German language (Took 3 class levels and am currently back to practicing it via apps) and music, as well as instrumental music. I’d love to learn ASL someday.

Disturbed, Mental Discipline, and good ol' BSB and NSYNC own my heart at the moment as far as music goes~!

As aforementioned, I LOVE making new friends and chatting with people, so feel free to hit me up. smile
I'm not on as much as I used to be but I’ll definitely respond when I get on.

And that's it for now. xD Thanks for stopping by my (always off-and-on under construction) profile~! Have a great one~!


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Some Fuel

basically just some of the random things that go on in my life. Might include poems, lyrics, and other things


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mitus Report | 04/01/2020 10:57 pm
i would love to ^_^b that's so cool we have so much in common !! you can send me a friend request and shoot me a pm anytime to!
Bump For Junk Report | 03/31/2020 3:44 pm
Bump For Junk
Hehe, thank you ^ w ^
Majestic Potato Queen Report | 03/31/2020 2:08 pm
Majestic Potato Queen
Thank you for your purchase
Scarlette Roses Report | 03/31/2020 12:05 pm
Scarlette Roses
gaia_angelleft gaia_crown gaia_angelright
Thanks so much! emotion_kirakira your avatar looks great too! emotion_kirakira
SinTea Report | 03/31/2020 5:54 am
aaaaa thank you sm!! 4laugh
SinTea Report | 03/29/2020 10:08 pm
omg cute emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
rsngo Report | 03/28/2020 7:31 pm
Nice avi
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 03/27/2020 10:06 am
dude dude dude dude
you are 1) 28
2) you are a college graduate
3) you, your avi, your profile, your bio (yes I read your bio, was a good read, i love to read no joke lmfao) are super cool
4) i would love to be friends with you

I'm 28, turning 29, and I live in NJ, I graduated high school in 2009, graduated community college in 2015, I did not continue my college career, education, path and some s**t like that, like you are, which I'm very impressed that you are, (it's not "s**t" i say that in general)
i really hope you fulfil your dreams, goals, and i wish you best of luck in continuing college.
college was not for me, but I bet you are doing much much much better than I ever was in college (my grades sucked, both in HS and college).
I was happy to graduate, get my degree, and escape. sweatdrop
please, i hope you are nothing like me.... in just college...
I do feel like we are the same tho in hobbies, interests, intellect, and personality tho. but i hope you are a better student in college than I ever was, or tried to be.
if you want to be friends, i would like that. i honestly never came across someone my age in Gaia, in years.
SinTea Report | 03/18/2020 1:00 am
heart gaia_gaiagold heart gaia_gaiagold heart
The Old Exorcist Report | 03/10/2020 5:38 pm
The Old Exorcist
I did! For as much as I've changed and for as disagreeable as I found some of my behavior, I still found a lot of interactions I took part in that I can look back fondly on, and when it comes to opening up a teenage high school time capsule, that's an impressive blessing, hahahah
Flames Fuel

Covetous~! (It's "only" 3 pages now >w>;)