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Life is a wonderful entanglement of people and contradictions. Why not relax and enjoy it all~?



Just a bit of info on me:

I'm back~! And some things have definitely changed.
I'm a 28 year old college graduate trying to make it post-graduation xD
(This will likely become incorrect eventually. I suck at keeping it updated, anymore sweatdrop )

I love using emoticons....I might use them a bit too often. (^w^; )
I love anime and the Japanese language, but I wouldn't say I'm as obsessed as I was in my teenage years.
I'm also very partial to German language (Took 3 class levels and am currently back to practicing it via apps) and music, as well as instrumental music. I’d love to learn ASL someday.

Disturbed, Mental Discipline, and good ol' BSB and NSYNC own my heart at the moment as far as music goes~!

As aforementioned, I LOVE making new friends and chatting with people, so feel free to hit me up. smile
I'm not on as much as I used to be but I’ll definitely respond when I get on.

And that's it for now. xD Thanks for stopping by my (always off-and-on under construction) profile~! Have a great one~!


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Some Fuel

basically just some of the random things that go on in my life. Might include poems, lyrics, and other things


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kenny - the Fire Slayer Report | 07/16/2021 1:03 am
kenny - the Fire Slayer
Thanks... She was really an awesome person. But this is life, right... we never know... things happen... and s**t...

Well, I started tracking giftcards over the MP. They don't end up cheap but they are a solution to gaians that are short on GC... So if there is something cash only I'd tell you to check them out...
kenny - the Fire Slayer Report | 07/09/2021 11:49 pm
kenny - the Fire Slayer
... this is why I say I'm from opposite land! lol But we got oceans on fire, snails been boiled alive in the oceans where they live like IN NORTH POLE so... we're all fushed up... Oh, I've faced the odds of blood clots for decades because of the contraceptives to treat my polycystic ovaries (a very dear friend of mine actually died of it when she was 25... 15 years ago) so I'd say those nasty reactions doesn't really sound like a threat to me at all.

Hey, you said you were saving the GC from the candies... is there anything Cashshop only you'd really like?
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 07/07/2021 2:03 pm
I've been good~! and how about you?! ^w^
kenny - the Fire Slayer Report | 07/07/2021 9:24 am
kenny - the Fire Slayer
Oh, I'm doing ok... it is cold in here and my age is been called to vaccination already so I might get it in two weeks probably! And you? How are things over there?
HypnoCurious Report | 07/07/2021 8:15 am
Of course! blaugh There is so much to look at and love what you did with all those colors. Had to add it to my favs!
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 06/29/2021 2:51 pm
awesome profile, and awesome cyberpunk/metal/punk avi! I dig it!
Btw I missed you Flames hope you been good!
kenny - the Fire Slayer Report | 05/24/2021 12:22 pm
kenny - the Fire Slayer
You gather all the candies from home page, right? I gather them too... I heard a gaian did an offer thing over here that was oppening a bank account and deposit $10 on it. (She checked the bank and it was legit). She got tons of GC for it... I can ask around if you're interested... I know it is no time to spend money on those things... but it sounds like you can take the money back and terminate the account... I don't know much because I am from Brazil and this kinda did not get my attention because of obvious reasons... And I hope you can get the job.
You know what the better vaccine would be? The one that makes it faster to my arm. I was not an all A++ student but I trust some learning I did back at the time... Also I am a gamer... if you say it gives me a slight bonus I'll use it. I'll have it. I'll horad it. I'll collect it.

Sometimes I see the MP also as a game. Not very fair one but also a game... One that can be played between users... but the ones with faster connections usually win higher.
And also I don't ruin most users days if they don't ruin mine first... lol (I do have a couple of names in a mental blacklist though...)

And I don't know!?!?!?! CGI? Make-up? Some takes he really seems like awkward teen boy, sometimes he looks like a creep 40ish man...
kenny - the Fire Slayer Report | 05/18/2021 8:11 pm
kenny - the Fire Slayer
"THEY" won't let us have fun if "THEY" might get profit on us for it...
About me, nothing new either... just going on a buying spree over gaia... not major but at least it is a feeling of "achieving" something, righ? lol Sometimes I go on bidding wars just to push people to their limits... lol Well, if it's safe to go outside, why not go for it? Talking about it, did you get your vaccination shot already? Things here are so slow that I might be lucky if I get it still this year... crying
Yea yea... your folks traveling... You mentioned something... Italy, right?

OHHHHHH! Other thing to mention! They made THIS:
And the best comment so far is that they made Ben Platt look like both a teenager and also a 40 year old man at the same time!!! (he is 27)
kenny - the Fire Slayer Report | 05/17/2021 3:17 am
kenny - the Fire Slayer
Hi there! Long time! Guess what!?!?!? "They" might have found out about the slime tutorials and started taking away the... well... slime tutorials out of youtube!!!! gonk Now all we get are... slime tutoruals diced in small pieces... like part 1/300
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 04/30/2021 4:41 pm
OMGGG your avi looks like Diva Plavalaguna (from Fifth Element) (the squid lady that was singing and hiding secret stones in her, watch the film if you havent)
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