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some people might consider me emo some might concider me goth... but the truth is I don't really fall into a group... oh by the way, my names Ashley (yuck)


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ConvelCordelia Report | 02/27/2019 2:53 pm
Thank You So Much for Buying!

I Hope You have a Great Day/Night!
techpriest35 Report | 07/21/2017 9:40 pm
tried to make some gaia cash so i could buy 1 of each of the new rig/bundles cause its based on a wizard scool with harry potter colors and apparently was the 10 year aniversery of the first book totally want some of those items but was going to give one to someone in the guild depending on which house won the next house cup
techpriest35 Report | 07/21/2017 9:37 pm
hey neko its been ages right now im trying to get the harry potter guild back up and running by my self since 99% of the users are not posting im having trouble finding some members even though the guild says they have lots of posts im playing zomg ocasionally and watching anime or playing dungeons and dragons with some irl friends or im working like crazy apparently you left or were kicked from the guild yet you still appear in ravenclaws student list
K-poplover44 Report | 01/28/2016 12:27 pm
no problem smile
K-poplover44 Report | 01/27/2016 5:22 pm
thxs for buying my outfit,enjoy heart
Karl_Law_of_Talos Report | 07/17/2015 8:17 am
Karl_Law_of_Talos Report | 07/11/2015 9:34 am
yeah I'm better now thanks! So was up?
Karl_Law_of_Talos Report | 07/01/2015 2:12 pm
been better. You?
puppylove713 Report | 03/09/2015 5:25 pm
That dancing flower and the doll are annoying.... I have no idea what you got, but I have a lot I can sell if I desire.
puppylove713 Report | 03/09/2015 9:19 am
Yes that they are.


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Boy: I missed you at school today, why weren't you there? Girl- Yeah, I had to go to the doctor. Boy- Oh really? Why? Girl- Oh nothing, annual shots, thats all. Boy- Oh. Girl- So what did we do in math today? Boy- You didn't miss anything that great.......just lots of notes. Girl- Ok, good. Boy- Yeah Girl- Hey, I have a question...... Boy- Ok, ask away. Girl-........How much do you love me? Boy- You know I love you more than anything. Girl- Yeah..... Boy- Why do you ask? Girl-................>silence<.......... Boy- Is something wrong? Girl- No, nothing at all. Boy- Ok, good. Girl- ..............How much do u care about me? Boy- I would give you the world in a heartbeat if I could. Girl- You would? Boy- Yeah.........of course I would >sounding worried< is there something wrong? Girl- No, everything is fine...... Boy- Are you sure? Girl- Yeah. Boy- Ok.......I hope so. Girl- ..............Would you die for me? Boy- I would take a bullet for you anyday, hunny. Girl- Really? Boy- Anyday. Now seriously, is there something wrong? Girl- No, I'm fine, your fine, we're fine, everyones fine. Boy- ............Ok. If your sure. Girl-......................Well, I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow at school. Boy- Alright, bye. I LOVE YOU. Girl- Yeah, I love you to, bye. THE NEXT DAY AT SCHOOL: Boy- Hey, have you seen my girlfriend today? Friend- No Boy- Oh. Ok. Friend- She wasn't here yesterday either. Boy- I know, she was acting all wierd on the phone last night. Friend- Well dude, you know how girls are sometimes. Boy- Yeah........but not her. Friend- I don't know what else to say, man. Boy- Ok, well I gotta get to english, I'll see you after school. Friend- Yeah, I gotta get to science, talk to you later. THAT NIGHT: -ring- -ring- -ring- -ring- Girl- Hello? Boy- Hey. Girl- Oh, hi. Boy- Why weren't you at school today? Girl- Uh.......I had another doctor appointment. Boy- Are you sick? Girl- ..................Um I have to go, my mom's calling on my other line. Boy- I'll wait. Girl- It may take a while, I'll call you later. Boy-........Alright, I love you hunny. very long pause< Girl- (with tear in her eye) Look, I think we should break up. Boy- What? Girl- Its the best thing for us right now. Boy- Why? Girl- I love you. click< THE GIRL DOESNT COME TO SCHOOL FOR 3 MORE WEEKS, AND DOESNT ANSWER HER PHONE. Boy- Hey dude. Friend- Hey. Boy- Whats up? Friend- Nothing much. Hey have you talked to your ex lately? Boy- No. Friend- So you didn't hear? Boy- Hear what? Friend- Um, well, I don't know if I should be the one to tell you...... Boy- Dude, tell me! Friend- this number....433-555-3468 Boy- Ok............ BOY CALLS NUMBER AFTER SCHOOL -ring- -ring- -ring- Voice- Hello, Suppam County Hospital, this is nurse Beckam. Boy- Uh.......I must have the wrong number, I'm looking for my friend. Voice- What is her name, sir? (boy gives info) Voice- Yes, this is the right number, she is one of our patients here. Boy- really? Why? What happened? How is she? Voice- Her room number is ..646, in building A, suite 3. Boy- WHAT HAPPENED?! Voice- Please come by sir and you can see her, goodbye. Boy- WAIT! NO! *dial tone* BOY GOES TO HOSPITAL, AND TO ROOM ..646, BUILDING A, SUITE 3. GIRL IS LYING IN THE HOSPITAL BED. Boy- Oh my God! Are you ok? Girl- .................. Boy- Sweetie! Talk to me! Girl- I.......... Boy- You what? YOU WHAT? Girl- I have cancer and I'm on life support. Boy- .....................>breaks into tears<...................... Girl- They're taking me off tonight. Boy- Why? Girl- I wanted to tell you but I couldn't. Boy- Why not? Girl- I didn't want to hurt you. Boy- You could never hurt me sweetheart. Girl- I just wanted to see if you felt about me as the same I felt about you. Boy- ? Girl- I love you more than anything, I would give you the world in a heartbeat. I would die for you and take a bullet for you. Boy- ........... Girl- Don't be sad, I love you, and I'll always be here with you. Boy- Then why'd you break up with me? Nurse- Young man, visiting hours are over. BOY LEAVES, GIRL IS TAKEN OFF LIFE SUPPORT, AND DIES. But what the boy didn't know is that the girl only asked him those questions so she could hear him say it one last time, and she only broke up with him because she knew she only had 3 more weeks to live, and thought it would cause him less pain and give him time to get over her before she died. NEXT DAY The boy is found dead with a gun in his hand..with a note in the other... THE NOTE SAID:I told her I would take a bullet for her....just like she said she would die for me... ___________________________________________________ Copy and paste this if you cryed at this story..If you didn't cry, copy and paste it anyway. Why? Because the girl and the boy would have wanted that. And, because...I SAID SO..... *I WOULD DO THE SAME FOR SOMEONE I LOVE* <3

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this is how I feel... BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!