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I'm wearing these items now.

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A short thought.

It is written in thirty-foot-high letters of fire on top of the Quentulus Quazgar Mountains in the land of Sevorbeupstry on the planet Preliumtarn, third out from the sun Zarss in Galactic Sector QQ7 ActiveJ Gamma. it is guarded by the Lajestic Vantrashell of Lob.

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People who helped me along the way

[ace] : Flower Crown, Flower in my head
Chaos231 : Bunny Ears (cute), Carrot Plush
Shadow Arbitor : 8,000 gold (wow)
Colorless Sky : Kiki Plush (she's so sweet)
TheBoog : Silver Locket
angelsgrace2006 : Silver Bracelet
starlite_true : 1,000 gold.
visual kei doll : For allowing me to in avatar art with her.
Psyzapp: For giving a October Birthstone Crown for my 29th B-day.
ThisEmptySoul: For getting me the Enchanted Book 10th Gen for my 29th B-day.
Ryzan Vixtul: For getting me the Alruna's Rose 14th Gen for my 30th B-day.
green_snowangel: For giving me the Powdered Sugarplum Bodice heart
gum disease: For giving me the Happy Ending :heart
IVPassions:: For showing me the bells in AC:NL. heart

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shea the anti-venom Report | 07/27/2019 5:16 pm
shea the anti-venom
sup babe?
shea the anti-venom Report | 07/26/2019 6:13 pm
shea the anti-venom
*hugs tight* mew~
-Stumblefoot- Report | 06/09/2019 6:33 am
Sorry to hear you lost your mum sad chin up buttercup. She must of died proud of you heart
Maune Report | 05/19/2019 4:39 pm
*Gives you a big hug* sad
shea the anti-venom Report | 04/22/2019 10:20 pm
shea the anti-venom
no idea babe.
lady leko-chan Report | 04/22/2019 9:50 pm
lady leko-chan
What is this!? gonk Go play with my other.
talk2hand She's more m'lady like and stuff... sweatdrop
shea the anti-venom Report | 04/21/2019 1:41 pm
shea the anti-venom
loving the new avi
shea the anti-venom Report | 02/04/2019 9:46 am
shea the anti-venom
oh my sweets <3
lady leko-chan Report | 12/03/2018 11:41 pm
lady leko-chan
If I'm caught here the other will be quite upset.
ShinyPasta Report | 10/17/2018 3:59 am

My name is Nei1