Hi I'm Ralph.
I'm a man.
I'm old.
No seriously.....
Born in the 70s grew up in the 80s, 90s and 100s old.
I'm from a city in Pennsylvania.

All of my friends are ninjas so you can't see them. ninja


Hey Scooby!


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My Styles Of Poetry

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Registered: 04/27/2005

Gender: Male

Birthday: 04/17

Occupation: stunt double for myself

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AvatarRoku05 Report | 06/06/2022 9:07 am
Hope your birthday on April the 17th was good friend!
User Image
lonely katt Report | 05/10/2022 7:35 pm
ahhhh i see haha, well do you still play? i'm still working trying to get myself a laptop that can function in DMS runs. but just still curious if you still go on there ;DD
lonely katt Report | 05/10/2022 6:47 pm
ahhh shiizzless!! i knew it! yeah. you're totally right haha! i cant believe you still remember me from those runs thou! xDD i made this exact same assumption again that homewrecka was your main lmao, well, thats only cause i met you on your mule. sheeeez, it definitely has been a LONG while. hope life's treating you well ;D
lonely katt Report | 05/09/2022 7:35 pm
Omg, I swear, I remember you from zOMG. Isn’t this your mule account?? Omg I’m trying so hard to think!
Mai_Matsuko Report | 05/02/2022 5:44 pm
Love the avi 4laugh
But your avis arent perfectly matching!
So you're fired scream
P.S. good to see you c:
Wolf McWolferson Report | 04/28/2022 4:49 pm
Wolf McWolferson Report | 04/17/2022 1:39 pm
Happy Birthday! Happy Easter!
iiYoko Report | 11/11/2021 6:52 pm
Thank you, Poetry! ^ w ^
Yoko had a pretty quiet birthday because around here we still have strict Covid restrictions…
Also, Yoko ish finally starting to feel better after she got Covid.
She got it on the 21st of October so she had to miss Halloween this year.
She also missed about 2 weeks of work….

Yoko hopes that Poetry ish doing well and ish safe against Covid.
*huggles* Take care and hope to talk to you again soon! yum_puddi
Celebrity Llesca- Report | 11/04/2021 4:12 pm
Hehe ty those are my flap flaps 🥺
Celebrity Llesca- Report | 11/03/2021 5:14 pm
Thank you hun heart


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