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Thank you and Come again blaugh


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Would like to thank all the generous friends and acquaintances who have donated items, gifted, and helped with my quests. Makes my heart glad. Thank you! =}


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Registered: 02/12/2010

Gender: Female

Things I think I want, but, don't really need. :xD


Here's your FYI! About Little 'ol me


Sure has been awhile since my last update here. Thanks for stopping by.

A little about me. Hmmmmmmm,
Married, no children, and am older than most here on gaia.

Not much into talking about myself, it's more about others. Anything you think of or just want to know more, Just ASK...Alright then, Bye Bye!

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Whitescarver Report | 09/08/2022 8:40 am
Nah, just having fun collecting them. =]
1308 so far
Sensei Norisu Chyaku Report | 09/05/2022 3:11 am
Sensei Norisu Chyaku
Yea still hard to find some tanks, kinda gave up on it. lol Was nice getting 5kp every now and then from it. Mods are finally trying to keep the trolls at bay, they made a thread yesterday in CB about how they wanted to handle stuff like that.
Sensei Norisu Chyaku Report | 09/05/2022 3:06 am
Sensei Norisu Chyaku
Yea. It's such a shame too, they all literally work from home I am sure. What's the delay? Lmao.
Sensei Norisu Chyaku Report | 09/05/2022 3:02 am
Sensei Norisu Chyaku
Ahh, ok. Btw played tank, got 807/5084. smile
Sensei Norisu Chyaku Report | 09/05/2022 2:53 am
Sensei Norisu Chyaku
Oh, where's that posted in? ;o
Sensei Norisu Chyaku Report | 09/05/2022 2:34 am
Sensei Norisu Chyaku
Man I went into a pinball server the other day, got up to 700k points, and got no plat at all. I'm so sad there is no way to make plat. lol
Pommes Frites Report | 08/06/2022 10:28 am
Pommes Frites
hope its an easy fix for them xp heart
Pommes Frites Report | 08/05/2022 11:57 pm
Pommes Frites
Hey ozkur!
Saw you often posted in ats (darn pinball), if you go unaswered you can try this thread that will keep up with the question and reask for you!
Hope it comes in handy heart
Sensei Norisu Chyaku Report | 07/29/2022 5:25 pm
Sensei Norisu Chyaku
Are you able to get pinball working still, I haven't loaded in at all even after constant refreshing.
chollaflower Report | 07/21/2022 3:48 pm
Haven't been on here in some time with the absence of Fishing. Things have been wacky lately. I got COVID in April, which wasn't bad, but ever since things seem to be conspiring to take us out of Colorado and plop us back down, probably near Huntsville, Alabama as my hubby's line of work also has a lot of jobs in that area. Latest thing is our community well tested as having a LOT of a dangerous chemical called perfluorate. If we stay here, I absolutely cannot garden again. I really should be ripping out the garden, but I can't bear to do that.



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