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  • Dashing Gentleman Pristine White Gloves

    From private

  • Pearl and Ruby Earrings

    From private

  • Bone Scythe

    From private

  • Swimming Goldfish

    From private

  • Pora Ice

    From Megami Nekohime

  • Long-Stem White Rose

    From Mamoru no Megami

  • Long-Stem Pink Rose

    From Value Vacations

  • Long-Stem Red Rose

    From Hikari Nekochan

  • Phalaenopsis Bouquet

    From Megami Nekohime


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Ezeekiel Zeeke Report | 09/18/2014 9:44 am
Ezeekiel Zeeke
ninja yum_strawberry
I Kooski I Report | 08/31/2014 7:51 pm
I Kooski I
Sure thing i'll lower it down if it lets me if i doesnt i'll give you it for free
AmorXxxx Report | 08/26/2014 5:42 pm
Thank you for your purchase! You're appreciated! whee
Ezeekiel Zeeke Report | 08/18/2014 9:20 pm
Ezeekiel Zeeke
Diamond Wales Report | 06/09/2014 11:00 pm
Diamond Wales
Yeah, it kinda does, doesn't it? XD
Diamond Wales Report | 06/09/2014 10:13 pm
Diamond Wales
No problem, you can probably get more from Dumpster Dive, that's where I got mine XD
Sir_Catherine Report | 06/08/2014 3:30 pm
Hehe, yes indeed.
Sir_Catherine Report | 06/08/2014 2:54 pm
I can sell the Fails back to Gaia for 10K each guaranteed. They go like hotcakes on the market for 15K each. Good luck getting them cheaper.
Sir_Catherine Report | 06/08/2014 2:47 pm
I sell my "Fail"s for 15K each.
Selena_Chen Report | 06/08/2014 1:25 pm
Oh, okay. smile

some things you should know

Name: Megami Nekohime AKA Megami, Neko, or Hime. (My offline name is reserved for those who know me offline.)
Age: Perhaps you will find out one day. (I like to keep a little mystery about me.)
Not much to say really. sweatdrop
exclaim I'm half asian and half white.
exclaim I am blunt and truthful. If I can't tell you the truth then I will say nothing at all and I won't hide anything from you that I think you should hear.
exclaim I am usually quiet, but will talk with people that talk with me first.
exclaim I'm not looking for anyone to love.
exclaim I love games and anime, so talking about those things will strike up a conversation pretty easily with me.
exclaim I don't like bugging people for help, but it's accepted. xd
exclaim I love delicious foods of many nationalities.
exclaim I'm usually a good-natured, nice person...unless you invoke my wrath by doing one of the things I hate when I'm already in a bad mood... sweatdrop

Games I'm currently active on:
Gaia Online
Solia Online
League of Legends (NA)
Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (PSN)
Going through the Dragon Age series at a pace that shows I'm not in any hurry to get through it because I enjoy playing in that universe. (Note that this is the only title that keeps me from boycotting EA. I really don't like them but I have to put up with them for my love of Dragon Age. sweatdrop )


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