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Occupation: Introverted silly billy.

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i suck about talking about myself, so, if you need to know anything, send me a PM.

(i ♥ random PM's )


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Angel of hororr Report | 08/30/2019 2:58 am
Angel of hororr
Thank you! emotion_bigheart Have a nice Fraiday too! cat_4laugh
The Pale Demon Report | 07/30/2019 11:55 pm
The Pale Demon
Silly silly~
The Pale Demon Report | 07/30/2019 11:47 pm
The Pale Demon
What, you look it up or something? -laughs.-
The Pale Demon Report | 07/30/2019 11:42 pm
The Pale Demon
Eh? You forgot my name~? xD
The Pale Demon Report | 07/30/2019 11:37 pm
The Pale Demon

What about you?
The Pale Demon Report | 07/30/2019 11:35 pm
The Pale Demon
Doin’ okie doke~
Sly Rain Report | 07/24/2019 7:56 pm
Sly Rain
Yeah, definitely seems that way. I've no real reason to actively look around the things gaia has to offer, not much worth in it for me
Sly Rain Report | 07/23/2019 9:01 am
Sly Rain
Yeah, I still try to do the daily things like the wheel spin, the runway voting, and the like, but not much other than that
Sly Rain Report | 07/19/2019 4:07 pm
Sly Rain
Yeah, Unfortunately there isn't much reason for me to spend as much time as I used to on here
Sly Rain Report | 07/18/2019 11:08 am
Sly Rain
Yeah, Don't have the chance to be on much though


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