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Report | 11/25/2022 4:55 pm


Yep, pretty much. There are very few new items per year; I think the ratio of a new item to recolors is maybe 1:1000. They just do things very fast, trying to give the impression there is a lot of new things coming out all the time while giving little thought to the art or the tagging; this frees up their time for other areas as apparently artists are working on more than item art.

Report | 11/25/2022 1:33 pm


It is for which I'm thankful indeed given I didn't get to celebrate any of our other special days like birthdays, anniversaries and more due to being so sick from the thyroid failure.

Oh, I didn't even check other colors for that item. I will be shortly, lol. I do think however some recolors are better than others when it comes to items and designs. On some recolors of items, I have to wonder what artists were thinking; it seems so random.

Report | 11/25/2022 1:10 pm


Yes, I noticed you got the background. I like what you did with it! mrgreen

Report | 11/25/2022 1:09 pm


That sounds like a nice and relaxing day today.

We took advantage of everyone shopping for deals and did our 2 week big grocery shopping today; far fewer people in the grocery stores the day after a holiday.

It was just my husband and I for Thanksgiving so we did take out from a fine dining restaurant that is now only open occasionally for special holidays and it worked out well; it's the first time we did that. Tomorrow we have Thanksgiving over at my friend's. Between the 2, we'll have way too much leftovers too...

Report | 11/25/2022 12:49 pm


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How was yours?

Report | 11/22/2022 5:09 pm


I'm really glad COVID didn't badly impact your sense of taste and smell. It sounds like you're in tune enough with your body to want foods it needs and that will really help going forward. Once back in balance with it (stress masks the reads) you should naturally align to what you need and feel happy about it.

Stress and health issues like a failing thyroid can really throw a spanner into the works for all of us, that's for sure.

I'm lucky though to have super acute senses (all of them). It sounds like you may have too for taste or smell if you can taste corn syrup. I can sure taste the difference with that and hydrofat; other cheap fillers added to foods like chicken being injected with lots of salt water plus other stuff (beef too) which is one huge reason I got more seriously organic. The difference in quality is astonishing. I don't get too extreme with dark chocolate though as I'm bitter sensitive; 65% to 80% is just about perfect.

Report | 11/20/2022 6:19 pm


Thank you.

Do you eat organic too? I started to way back in the 70s but then got much more diligent about it after reading a series of articles in Consumer Reports. After a while I found I could taste the difference in the quality and flavor of many foods between organic and not; especially snacks, meat and poultry. Even if I indulge in some foods, I at least make sure it's quality junk, lol. Artificial ingredients are things best avoided for many reasons.

I was musing after I posted to you last that maybe why I no longer was loosing weight even if I didn't gain it back was because my thyroid was likely slowing down for sometime undetected. Maybe when I find the proper balance I'll start loosing weight again! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I'll never be thin, but it'd be nice to be firmly out of plus size clothing for good.

Report | 11/20/2022 6:02 pm


Thank you. The good news is I am alive and not literally necroposting, lol. As long as I am, I will get there eventually. It's just taking insane amounts of time.

I too eat lots of complex carbs and I love fresh produce. Most people who claim to eat healthy are shocked at how I eat. It just feels WRONG to skip the produce with a meal, even traveling and eating out. So I know all too well how even when eating healthy in times of stress, how it's easy to eat too much; my downfall was too much snacking even if it was on healthy foods, and eating out a bit too much. It's great you already figured it out and have lost 5 lbs without dieting. Those kinds of changes can last. You're on your way. Oh and for sweet cravings, I found out that just 2 squares of a really good quality organic dark chocolate bar satisfies; the flavor is so intense and it's fairly healthy. The trick is to eat that small amount at room temperature and very slowly so you get the full flavor--if you're a chocolate fan it's pure heaven.

Report | 11/20/2022 5:41 pm


It's turning out to be an all or nothing kind of thing, not sure. I just know it takes weeks for the changes to happen after the dose changes.

My friend was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after going through insane stress of her own. During that time, she tended to eat more meals out, not having the energy or time to cook as much and she was no longer exercising, so she put all the weight back on she'd lost through exercising. I then went through years of high stress in all aspects of life just as she did. I slowly put back on much of the weight I'd lost and this time it was having some really bad results as that plus age got me. So I looked at what changed and was able to loose it again and so far not regained it, even with my thyroid failing (which can also cause weight gain even by itself) in the past 2 years. Learning about diabetes to help my friend cause her doctor didn't give her any guidelines when she got the diagnosis, I learned that those with it don't need to cut out the carbs but rather the simple carbs, or keeping those to a minimum. You can still have some sweets, but as a small percentage of your diet. Fruit is considered a complex carb and fine to enjoy. In the past they thought you did need to cut out all carbs and sugars, including healthy ones, but that's changed. A lot of doctors still believe the old guidelines though as it the change is pretty recent. Also if you can slowly loose 10 lbs through diet adjustments as opposed to going on a diet, that should be enough to maybe even get you back into normal blood sugar readings.


Report | 11/20/2022 5:05 pm


I don't think you realize; thyroid hormone regulates every system in the body, affects every cell. When it's out of range, every single system in the body is affected in various ways. If it gets bad enough its fatal. If your thyroid quits working (or even partially) it's very dangerous. The only tool they have is to replace thyroid hormone if it quits (as it did in my case). Finding the right amount though is a bit trial and error and even when they do, the body changes over time requiring dosage adjustments. My chiropractor did give me some coping strategies to deal with the effects on muscles and joints which helped. In my case it's proving a bit more trial and error than expected because my thyroid quit shortly after a diagnosis when it was just sluggish so the initial dose was way low. The 2nd should have been right as it was calculated according to the companies directions taking in a bunch of factors, but blood tests revealed it was too high sending me into hyperthyroidism. This is the 3rd try but my intuition is telling me it needs to be lower still. Hard to tell though before a few weeks; what I'm feeling now could be from the accumulation of it over the previous weeks.

One thing I've learned is extreme ongoing stress messes with diet as well as with the body directly. If your diabetes can be controlled by diet, it means you need to eat balanced and healthy to prevent it from progressing.

I see; so things are healing there at work, getting better, well as long as the owner doesn't mess that up.

I'm glad you're having fun rp'ing.


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