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Hello, I will send everyone an individual Thank You Letter unless you have a private profile than you may or may not receive a letter from me. It all depends if I want to take the time to look you up or what ever.

Every fifth buyer will receive a FREE Thank You Gift. Gift Price depends on amount of purchase. To qualify, you must:
1. Make a purchase value of 5 Bil or more (unless your going for #6, #7, or #8 stated bellow)

Rules & Restrictions:
1. Buying more than one item does not increase your chance of winning an "FREE Thank You Gift" but it does increase the value of the gift
2. I may or may not announce the winners of FREE Items, it all just depends
3.Gift is usually between 1/10 and 1/5 of your purchase amount
4. If the purchase(s) value is above 15 bil and your the fifth buyer, your gift value will be between 1/8 and 1/3
5. If the purchase(s) value is above 45 bil and your the fifth buyer, your gift value will be between 1/5 and 1/2
arrow 6. First or Last buyer per day will receive the same Gift value as #7
arrow 7. Every fifteen buyers gets either:
* 50% Refund
* Full Refund
* A Thank You gift that is double the amount of purchase
arrow 8. Every buyer has the chance to win triple their purchase value


Also, I do give away FREE Thank You Gifts for other things like viewing my profile or sending me a PM or comment. Not everyone will receive a gift cause of course I am not rich so it will be random. These are not bribes, but more of a way to make gaia fun for me cause it gets really boring.

Other accounts:
1. Butterflies Flowers Art
2. Morgonian (forgot the password atm)



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Stuff No One Really Wants To Know But Is Here Anyway~ <3

Hi. I was hacked by an aquintance a few months ago but have my account back, lost a lot of my stuff though. I'm semi-back, though. I'll probably be on between 7pm-2am PST. Not sure what days I will be on but if I am on it will be around those hours. burning_eyes


A little bit about me:
Nickname: I go by either Sama or Sama-chan on gaia. I dont like to be called Maid. IRL I go by Morgan or Lynn a lot. On most social media like snapchat and Discord, I am known as Rashmor, Rashmor2, or Rashmor22. surprised
Occupation: I work for an amazing Catalog-based company that is mostly online atm, called Nana Anns Beauty Products. I help formulate beauty products and makeup products for the company. I am also their top model and Face of the company until my temporary contract expires in February '19. Check them out on their Facebook page here and tell them Morgan referred you. You can also check them out on their website by clicking here. I'm also attempting YouTube but have no internet to upload videos constantly atm. I am also a writer but am still working on publishing my work. I'm am attempting animation as well as a polymer clay charms crafter. pirate
What do I do: I am a Product Formulator and Product Tester in the Makeup Division at Nana Anns Beauty Products. I am also the Face of the company and the main model. Read the occupation description for full details on everything I'm currently doing atm. ninja
How Old Am I: 26, thanks for asking ^^ blaugh
Personality: I have been called fun, lively, sweet, kind, generous, empathetic, honest, loyal, shy, weirdo, loner, b***h, annoying, talkative, damaged, broken, worthless, depressing, etc. I think I am a lot things and you will just have to get to know me and choose for yourself what I am to you. Not everyone can like me and Im cool with that. rolleyes
Am I a follower or leader? Shoot. Im definitely no a follower though I dont think im a leader either. I make my own trends and I dont care whether anyone likes them or not. I have my own style and I dont expect everyone to like it.
Hobbies: I like to sing, draw, and I try to write and read but I have brain trauma that prevents me from reading very well so I have to use apps and software's to help me. Cooking, baking, photography, etc. xp
Talents: I think that for no professional lessons on them, that I'm pretty ok at singing, drawing, and arts & crafts. And my writing. Read more about my writing bellow. rofl
Working On: Learning Korean and Sign Language, Learning Acoustic Guitar. Also I want to learn Keyboard Piano, Flute, and Violin. surprised
Past Instruments: In 6th grade I had to play the plastic angel flute in school. And my mom tried to get me into playing the hand Harp but never had lesson.
Sports: I played tennis for 7th and 8th grade which was a part of my PE, did yoga for 7th grade, also part of my education. I did speed skating when I was 8, something my mom tried to get me into. I love rollerblading, ice skating, tennis, and most definitely my favorite sport is snowboarding. whee
Issues: You can skip this if you want, it's not super important. I suffer from severe depression with suicidal tendencies, major anxiety disorder, Raynaud syndrome, spino bifita, scoliosis, hearing loss, Severe PTSD, ADHD, Borderline Autism, OCD, Severe Agrophobia, Severe Anthropophobia, schizoid, fibromyalgia, insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, brain trauma, migraines, and probably some other crap that I can't remember. confused
Did I Say Brain Trauma? My brain trauma prevents me from reading or writing very well. Letters and numbers get scrambled up in my head and the words I see don't come out very well. I have to concentrate very hard to unscrambled the letters to form words. I have memory problems which makes it hard for me to remember where im going, where ive been, who people are, and it makes it hard to learn to things. I can no longer count money or do math which honestly i wasnt ever really good at math but it sucks that I can't count money anymore. My brain is literally mush now. I call it mushy and it shall be mine and it shall be my mushy. wink

Notes: I can't you from inevitably disliking me but if you come to dislike me and rather not be friend, do not verbally abuse when when ending the friendship because that will be it. I will walk away and not let you back in. Don't end the friendship on bad terms, you're better then that and I deserve better then that. We are both human being so we need to be kind and empathetic to each other as best we can. Their is to much hate in this word already. I am told I talk to much and give to much detail about things when people just want shirt replies but I'm writer, i don't like short unemotional replies. I like conversation so I will also (mostly) reply in semi long or long responses. I chose to lay everything out on the table and not hide who I am from you because I want you to know my flaws right of the bat so that you don't have to waste your time finding out how broken and damaged I am. I want you to come into this friendship knowing who I am. I am not fake, this me, this is my struggles. Either accept them or don't. Though, if you choose to still be my friend and get to know me after reading all this, I don't think you have the right to down talk me and make me feel like crap for who I am. I will hide nothing from you, I will not about myself to please you. By continue a friendship with me after reading everything here, you're accepting my flaws. If you don't want to accept everything about me, then just leave. neutral
What About My Writing? I've won a poetry contest in 2nd grade called Money Money Money but my teacher entered me and never gave my poem back to me. In 7th grade I won an essay contest to name the local sheriffs new boat. I got a set of B Cleary Books and certificate with my art piece framed but I didn't get my essay back T-T. I was in the Oregonian because the boat naming was a big deal for the locals. In 10th grade I got a poem of mine published in a poetry series called Write Around Portland in their 10th edition and got a free copy like everyone else who was published it. I used a pen name which was Amikoto or something and the poem was about a little girl in the snow. After my my brother was murdered in 2012 I was published in the Oregonian for a small essay I did on Gun Control and Police Brutality which my parents framed. I think I got published in the Orgonian again awhile later for another small essay on you find and the dangers they have and how a little kid can now get shot for having a toy gun. When I was 21 I think, I won a scholarship to a Writing Course in college at an event that tge guests all had to write something and out of 500 people, my poem was chosen but when I went to redeem it, the college didn't know anything about it.
Education: I went to 3 Elementarys, 2 middle schools, and 4 high schools because I couldn't find the right school that taught well enough where I could understand what I was being taught. This is a long story so I'll stop there. At my 4th High school, I graduated a year and a half early. I graduated when I was 16 in March of 2009 but still finished the year until graduation in June '09. The next year I went to Northwest Nanny Institute but dropped out after 2 months or so because of medical and personal reasons.

Yah, supposedly a lot of people end their friendship with me by calling me a b***h, loner, weirdo, and depressing to be around. You've been warned. 4laugh

Let me know if you have any other questions so I can add them to this. Im too lazy to think of things people should know about me. 3nodding

I do avi art but it takes me a lot of time and effort do to my living situation and struggle with severe depression amount other crap. xd

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I will write poetry, short stories, thoughts, and my life in these pages. Most of which will be private. Some will stay Public or friends only.

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Cheese Chan

Love is sad
Love is wrong

What can love truely stand for if its gone

Me >.< .

My heart is locked and only the key can open it up.
That key is long gone. I wonder if it could ever be found.

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Best Friends are the
People that know
all about you and
still put up with
Your cr**p

Dont try to repair me.
Just try to understand me.

Best Friend Ever I miss Her

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This is Vina. Best Gaia Bud ever!

Max, Rein (The Master of AFK,) Fil, and Uke! The friends who talk to me the most.

Sha, Good guy.

Rusa, He's awesome.


Riri, Very sweet.



Rie, Easy to talk to.

Uke, Fun.

The captions above my friends are basically self-notes for me.

Ma. Short for Make.

Seph. We talk a lot ^^




All of these friends here are getting deleted after I can jot them down in my friends book since we never talk anymore.


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