Nansee, the OC
is a demure, bespoke ball-jointed doll with the appearance of a 19-year-old, given life through a magical wind-up key on her back. She tends to have unpredictable bouts of dream-filled sleep, which sometimes causes her to sleepwalk to another location. Her butler, Soren, keeps close watch as a guardian and friend. More often than not, she dresses in Lolita, Rococo or Victorian fashions. Her default wig features bluish-black ringlets, though she is partial to other elaborate hairdos. She notably has no sense of rhythm, an uneasiness around fire and a boundless fascination toward the world around her. Chances are, she'll be curious to meet you or has observed you before from a safe distance. If she wants to make herself known, she will greet you with a "hullo," then do her best to be polite and pleasant from there.

Nansee, IRL
is an introverted millennial that tends to furrow her brow a lot; premature wrinkles be darned. She remains committed to written journalism, better photography, personal experimentation, satisfying music, specific details and a pair of orthodontic retainers. Although she never cared much for zodiac signs, she started associating with dogs more strongly ever since her father gifted her a jade pendant engraved with a dog portrait. Depending on the situation, she can get pretty or get ugly; she admits to being at once incorrigible and open to interpretation. Best believe she will wear the pants, skirts and dresses wherever she goes.