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Frankly I don't like to talk about myself but here it is.

Who am I? A simple guy living a simple life. 23 if you are wondering.
Hobbies? Video Games/Anime/Drawing/Photography/Philosophy/Forensic Science/Running/MMA
Favorite Colors? Silver/Red/Black

Top 5 Video Games 1. Smash Bros Melee 2. Pokemon Silver 3. Monster Hunter Worlds 4. The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 5. Tekken 7

Nintendo Switch / PC / XBox One / 3DS online gaming only in case you are wondering though regret not buying a Playstation 4 x.X [Like Fighting games mostly]

Have all Pokemon games pretty much and most of the Monster Hunter games as well in case one wants to battle or hunter or even fight in the Smash bros 3DS/Wii U and Ultimate.

Role Models?
[Actors] Donnie Yen/Bruce Lee/Will Smith
[Singers] Takuya (UVERworld)/Takahiro Moriuchi (One OK Rock)/Corey Taylor (Slipknot)/Mikey Chapman (Mallory Knox)/Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)
[Developers] Masahiro Sakurai/Satoru Iwata/Satoshi Tajiri
[Gamers] Mango/Leffen/PPMD/PC Chris/Scar/Toph/Ken/Isai/Zero/Ranai/MK Leo
[YouTubers] Etika/RETRO/Berleezy/LeafyIsHere HSSSSSSSSSSSS lol

Why am I here? to suffer I guess. Many things have changed over the years.

Any Questions? PM if you like. Though no grantee that I would answer though.

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girofgoths7 Report | 09/21/2019 6:41 pm
Been awhile. Thought I'd stop by to say hello and collect my nice 500plat for saying hello. =P
Penultimate Penance Report | 08/16/2019 9:24 pm
Penultimate Penance
Thanks, likewise to you as well. mrgreen
Penultimate Penance Report | 08/16/2019 9:03 pm
Penultimate Penance
Thank you so much again, I really like pastel and bubblegum colours. mrgreen I saved it as an outfit, haha.
Penultimate Penance Report | 08/16/2019 8:54 pm
Penultimate Penance
Thank you, it only took me like 5 minutes to make this one, haha. dramallama
Melavy Report | 07/04/2019 11:04 pm
Aww. Thank you~ heart
Sadist the Reaper Report | 06/12/2019 10:01 am
Sadist the Reaper
Appreciate it. I was aiming for a gothic look.
-FoolishBox- Report | 07/22/2018 12:55 pm
Thank you! Sorry I didn't respond sooner.
-FoolishBox- Report | 11/01/2017 6:28 pm
Happy birthday!
Lockune Report | 09/19/2017 3:26 pm
Thank you x3
Ahh gotta fix the picture on my profile.

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