Ugh and so after 50 requests on my 2nd day here.. I finally decided to update this section once again :/

Welcome to my profile.

There is not really much to say - I am a 22 year old male who is barely on this website anymore.

I am currently located in California and I will be moving out to either Florida, Utah, or wherever my expertise are needed. To put it in simple words, I work as a messenger for businesses. I deal directly with stakeholders and developers so new softwares can be made to make life easier for you guys (isn't that amazing?)

As of right now I am in the healthcare field working on a project for Breast and cervical cancer treatment. This includes making software that can help detect cancer in early stages

I first join gaia in '08. I spent most of my time on zOMG talking to friends. This was most probably the best time of my gaia life. Now you can find me usually in rallys (mostly AFK) or in rallys (possibly trolling people)

I decided to leave gaia in 2012 - the time i spent here was great, i met some of the best people on this website who influenced my real life in a number of ways.

07.02.2015 - I decided to pay this website a visit. The reason was simple; I was bored and I was done with my project - there was nothing for me to do till my next project kicked in.
Although I am on for now, I am not sure how long this stay will be.

07.25.2015 - Will be leaving gaia once again - possibly for a few months/years.